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Elephant Creeper


Argyreia Nervosa is a perennial climbing vine native to the Indian subcontinent that has since been transported to Hawaii, Africa, and the Caribbean. It is often coveted for its cosmetic and medical qualities, although it can be intrusive. Hawaiian Baby Woodrose, adhoguda or vihara (Sanskrit), elephant creeper, and woolly morning glory are some of the common names.


Name: Elephant Creeper

Scientific name: Argyreia nervosa

Origin: native to India

Height: It can reach a height of 8-9 meters.                                   

Family: Convolvulaceae

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About elephant Creeper

Creeper Plant may know for their potent entheogenic qualities. Types of creepers are comparable to or higher than those of Ipomoea species. An users experiencing profound psychedelic and spiritual experiences.  Nervosa, as mentioned below, and A. n. var. speciosa, which may utilize in Ayurvedic medicine.

Argyreia Nervosa  contain ergine and other ergoline alkaloids. Stereoisomers of ergine may identify in the seeds at a concentration of 0.325 percent dry weight, according to a study. The inclusion of ergometrine, lysergol, lysergic acid, and other alkaloids, according to a more recent study, contributes to its pharmacological effects. In the Convolvulaceae  family, the Elephant Creeper  plant will find in an online nursery.


  • Elephant Creeper Plant Known as a traditional entheogen in its native India.
  • Christian Tatsch describes some fascinating traditional usage of the plant’s root in Ayurveda, which is perhaps suggestive of CNS effects. You can buy seeds online.
  • Therefore, this creeper plant can also help you think more clearly.
  • In Addition, It’s types of creepers a lovely emollient, astringent, and healer all in one.
  •  Similarly, It improves the flow of your pee and keeps your urinary system functioning properly.
  • In addition, the herb has excellent digesting characteristics.


  • From early spring to 6 weeks after flowering, apply a high-potassium liquid fertilizer every 2 weeks.
  • In the winter, keep wet.
  • Creeper plant promotes the developing stem to send out roots.
  • Therefore, Deep planting also keeps lily bulbs cool when the weather is hot.
  • In addition, we offer to buy different types of creepers plants an Organic Potting mix that boosts the plant’s growth.


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