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Easy Growing Plants Combo - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Easy Growing Plants Combo

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Get a pack of healthy indoor plants for your home & office which promote oxygen, which are eco-friendly & easy growing plants with low maintenance. Purchase the plants online at the lowest cost such as tissue culture caladiums, philodendrons & aglaonema.


List of Plants in the Combo

  1. Caladium Poison Dart Frog *1
  2. Aglaonema Red Valentine *1
  3. Philodendron Birkin Green*1
  4. Caladium Pink Dots *1

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Easy Growing Plants Combo



Buy the easy growing plants combo from our Santhi online plants nursery website. This combo pack contains easy plants to grow indoors & best home garden plants those are evergreen and has special foliage for decorating all types of indoors. You can purchase variety of ornamental indoor plants from our online garden store & make your environment attractive.

Plant Qualities

Tissue Culture Caladiums: The caladium poison dart frog & pink dots are produced from our tissue culture labouratory.Those are pest & disease free plants.

Qualities : Like many other plants, calidiums help to purify the air by removing toxins and improving indoor air quality.

Caladiums are versatile, growing well in outdoor gardens, indoor containers, and even as cut flowers.And its easy plants to grow indoors.

Philodendron: Variegated philodendrons are among the most popular and widely grown indoor plants, but what makes them better than regular philodendrons is their color

Qualities: It is distinguished by a dark green colour with white variegation resembling fish bones. Philodendron birkin green is the one of the best home garden plants.

Aglaonema Red : The Aglaonema plants excellent growers at low light & its perfect ornamental plants.

Qualities: A study found that gardening for five minutes a day reduced stress levels. This one is easy to care for, so add it to your garden.

Take a deep breath with this plant and place it in your exercise room!


Plant Care instruction


Sunlight : Indirect sun light to keep the foliage color vivid

Watering : This combo plants enjoys constant moisture , not to make growth medium soggy.

Growth Medium : Coco peat potting mix or any suitable growth medium.

Temperature : Between 65-80 degree farenheit.

Feed: Seasonal fertilizer application can be done especially during spring & summer. Apply any liquid organic fertilizer through sprayers

Cleaning: Monthly once over the leaves using soft cloth.



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