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Creeper Plants Combo - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Creeper Plants Combo


Buy the most popular creeper plants for decoration that additionally have health benefits. The sense of touch is highly developed in climbing creeper plants, which helps them scale other plants and structures. Hurry Up this combo is very limited.

Creeper Plants in this Combo include

Bush Clock Laurifolia Blue

Bush Clock Laurifolia White

Bleeding Heart White

Elephant Creeper

Garlic Creeper

Bread Flower- Vallaris solanacea

Clitoria – Butterfly pea plant Blue

Clitoria – Butterfly pea plant white

Passion Flower Red

Bleeding Heart Red

Note: Plants in this combo are sold along with nano covers & best rootings.

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Creeper Plants Combo


Buy the Creeper plants combo from our Santhi online plants nursery website. These creeper plants online are evergreen perennials with climbing character. The vine plants are true creeper flowering plants that usually have loose structures that twist & twin. These plants do not just add a touch of nature to your home, but they also enable you to beautify  walls. You can buy various creeper plants from our online plant shopping website.



Bush Clock Laurifolia (White & Blue): It has anti inflammatory & antidote properties with beautiful, big bluish violet & white flowers.

Elephant creeper: The roots of this plant possess aphrodisiac properties & leaves are used in the treatment of skin diseases such as itching, and ringworms.

Garlic creeper: Best mosquito repellant & also used in scent preparations. Leaf decoction cures fever, cold & cough.

Bread Flower: It is an herbal plant too. It has many therapeutic benefits and the flowers of this herb are used as a flavoring agent for culinary purposes. It has anti inflammatory properties and helps relieve pain.

Clitoria – Butterfly pea plant Blue & White : One of the best medicinal, pooja flower & ornamental plants.

Passion Flower Red: The Ornamental plant with wine red flowers.

Bleeding Heart (Red & white): Attractive non-fragrant flowers and it reduces inflammation, improve circulation, and boost the immune system


Plant Care


Soil: This combo plants grow in a wide range of soil, possibly of acidic pH these plants thrive best.

Water: Water the plants weekly once or twice, when the top inches of soil dries

Sunlight: It require bright direct sunlight of about 6 hours.

Fertilizer: The application of any organic fertilizer will be beneficial for vine plant growth.

Pruning: Trim the plants whenever required to get the shape.

Note : All the plants in this combo are creeper flowering plants.


About Us


We have about 250+ plants online at affordable cost. Hence our plants and organic fertilizers are eco-friendly & it will be delivered to your doorstep.

For more details kindly visit our website & get different creeper plants online from us.



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