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Cordyline fruticosa Ti Plants Set - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Cordyline fruticosa Ti Plants Set

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Get the good luck bringing cordyline plants set & make your indoor outdoor environments attractive. Hawaiian hybrid ti plants in this combo contains 6 varieties those foliage purifies the air, one of the popular ornamental plant & good lush plants.


Plants includes in Cordyline fruticosa ti plants Set

  1. Cordyline fruticosa Inscripta * 2
  2. Cordyline fruticosa Fairchild  * 2
  3. Cordyline Kiwi Gold * 2
  4. Codyline Miss Andrea * 2
  5. Cordyline Lemon Lime * 2
  6. Hybrid ti- plant Cordyline *2


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Cordyline fruticosa Ti Plants Set


Buy the Cordyline fruticosa Ti Plants Set from Santhi online plants nursery website. We selected best cordyline fruticosa plants Set that is suits for both indoors & outdoors. These croton plant varieties are evergreen houseplants with palm like broad,glossy foliage & mild woody stem. And these cordyline plants are best croton plant oudoor varieties.


Description About Combo Plants


Inscripta: Flouresent Pink border with dark green foliage.

FairChild: Thin leaves with bushy foliage

Kiwi Gold: As the name species greenish golden foliage with beautiful dark green stripes

Miss Andrea: One of the most beautiful foliage with multicolor leaves.

Lemon Lime: Classic vivid foliage plants.

Hybrid ti : One of the best outstanding plant species for landscaping.


Plant Features


Common Name : Hawaiin ti plant

Scientific name : Cordyline fruticosa

Family : Asparagaceae

Mode of Nutrition: Autotropic

Purpose : Ornamental Croton

Plant Type : Beginner friendly plants




  • Cordyline croton plant varieties are good luck bringing plants
  • These Croton plant varieties are best air purifier plants & plants have aesthetic values.
  • Croton plant outdoor- Has Beautification, Landscape Designing, Showy Purposes, Used for decorating walls, fences, gates, hedges, etc.


Plant Care


Soil : Well-drained soil or Coco peat potting mix. Grows in wide range of soil

Watering: Water the hawaiian ti plant two or three days once when top inches of soil dries.

Sunlight: This croton plant outdoor requires direct sun light of 3- 4 hours. These croton plant varieties also tolerate shade.

Fertilizer: The cordyline fruticosa plant requires organic manure feeding monthly one time around the plants.

Pest Control: In case of any pest attack application of neem oil as foliar spray.

Pruning: Trim the old matured leaves alone.


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