Coco Peat Husk 5 kg - Santhi Online Plants Nursery
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Coco Peat Husk 5 kg - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Coco Peat Husk 5 kg

Coco peat husk is one of the natural organic soil supplements and soil amendments which are applied to soil for better growth of the plants. Buy organic soil supplements online. This coco peat husk is completely organic, it is prepared from dry coconut husk into small cubes and makes plants healthy.


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  • Product weight: 5kg &10kg
  • Color: Brown
  • Product Form: Block 
  • Purpose: Used for cactus, succulents & orchid plants.  
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Coco Peat Husk 5 kg

Buy Coco Peat Husk 5 kg from Santhi online plant nursery website. Enriched with nutrients and soil. Mix with soil for better aeration and water-holding capacity. pH is 6 to 6.8 and slightly acidic and neutral. You can buy from our online plant store and these coconut husks are mostly preferred for orchids, fenugreek, green gram & ornamental plants.



  • Coco peat husk increases the porosity of potting mix for better aeration and root growth.
  • It is used as ideal media in grow bags, kitchen gardening & terrace gardening.
  • Used as a medium to grow flower plants like orchids, fruit plants, cacti, roses, succulents & mushrooms.
  • Using coconut husk reduces labor and garden maintenance.
  • It is biodegradable, non-polluting, and organic in the fight against disease and pests.
  • Majorly coco peat husk supplements phosphorus and potassium
  • Best and low-price medium for home and rooftop gardening.

This natural soil supplement is in high demand nowadays, we offer organic soil amendment at the cheapest cost and you can buy the best online compost from us.


  • You can absorb directly the coco peat husk into the potted soil as an organic enrich.
  • Mix in the soil at a 25:75 ratio.
  • To prevent weed growth.


  • Keep it away from children and pets.


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