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Caladium Ma Had Thai - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Caladium Ma Had Thai


The Caladium Ma Had Thai is a pleasant houseplant with beautiful foliage. This plant is categorized under indoor, foliage & ornamental plants

  •   COMMON NAME: Caladium Ma Had Thai
  •   SCIENTIFIC NAME:  Caladium bicolor
  •   FAMILY: Araceae
  •   SOIL: Cocopeat potting mix or well-drained soil
  •   PLANT HEIGHT:  5 to 8 inches.

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Caladium Ma Had Thai

Buy the Caladium Ma Had Thai plants from Santhi online plant nursery website. These Caladium Thai plants are the most suitable indoor plants. Caladium plants are indoor flowering plants. But the flowers are rare to bloom. Thai caladium leaves are pinkish-orange-red speckles around the leaves. This is good foliage plants grow as room indoor plants.This plant is also called as elephant ear plant indoor and are fast growing plants.

Fertilizer: The application of Bio-NPK powder monthly once around the plants only in smaller quantities

PROPAGATION: Done through tubers or rhizomes.

REPOTTING: Transfer the elephant ear plant indoors to a suitable size pot one year after planting.


  • These Thai caladium plants are pest & disease-free plants.
  • And it’s tolerant to sunlight.
  • Living room indoor plants are the best caladium varieties.
  • These indoor flowering plants have only occasional blooming.
  • Elephant ear plants indoors have visual impact & attractiveness.


  • This Caladium Ma Had Thai requires a suitable pot size of 7-8” with perfect drainage holes. 
  • Caladium plants are the best indoor flowering plants that require watering weekly twice.
  • Sunlight: The elephant ear plant indoor requires bright indirect light.

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