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Caladium Desert Sunset - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Caladium Desert Sunset

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The Caladium Desert Sunset is a beautiful ornamental plant with marvelous leaf foliage. This plant is categorized under foliage, ornamental plants & tissue culture plants.


  •     COMMON NAME:  Caladium Desert Sunset
  •     SCIENTIFIC NAME:  Caladium ×hortulanum
  •     FAMILY: Araceae
  •     SOIL: Organic well-drained soil, possibly acidic pH soil
  •     PLANT HEIGHT:  5 to 8 inches.

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Caladium Desert Sunset

Purchase Caladium Desert Sunset plants from Santhi online live plant India website. These caladium hortulanum are evergreen houseplants with brighter veins. Heart-shaped leaves grow faster & wider without any diseases. You can buy these beautiful caladium plants from our online garden shopping and arrange your terrace with beautiful caladiums around.

FERTILIZER  You can apply organic compost such as decomposed manure monthly once around the plants at the required quantity.

PROPAGATION Done through tissue culture

REPOTTING No need for any often repotting. Transfer the plants to a well drainage pot when the roots seem to pot bound.

PRUNING Prune the dried matured leaf foliage leaves alone.


  • Caladium hortulanum plants are resistant varieties as they do not suffer much from pests & diseases.
  • It is fast growing ornamental plant.
  • These desert sunset caladium plants are bedding plants & ornamental decorative plants.


  •  Caladium plants can grow in large size pots of 6 inches with proper drainage holes.
  • Water this heart shaped leaves caladium varieties plants only when top soil dries
  • Sunlight: The requirement for this plant is partial indirect sunlight
  • Apply any home-based compost to give the best result.


Not to eat caladium leaves.


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