Bulb Sampangi plant - Santhi Online Plants Nursery
Bulb Sampangi plant - Santhi Online Plants Nursery
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Bulb Sampangi plant

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The tree’s leaves grow to 10 inches (25 cm.) long and stay on the tree all year. They are green, slender and shiny. The seed groups form in summer, then drop in winter. The fruits also form in summer and drop in winter.

Plant just barely covered, in acidic potting soil and spray to keep the soil constantly moist. Keep them covered with plastic wrap to increase humidity. Keep them very warm (85 degrees F. or 29 degrees C.) until they germinate.

Caring for champaca trees involves lots of water, initially. You’ll have to irrigate your plants regularly and generously until they are established. At that point, you can water them less

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Fragrant champaca trees make romantic additions to your garden.

If you are growing champaca magnolias, you’ll love the yellow/orange flowers. They appear in summer and last through early autumn.

The fragrance from the tree’s blossoms is intense and perfumes your entire garden and backyard. In fact, the flower smell is so lovely that it is used to make the most expensive perfume in the world.
If you are interested in growing fragrant champaca trees, you’ll want information on their cultural requirements. First, be sure you live in a warm region.
Start growing champaca magnolias from seed by harvesting the fruit. Wait until the fruit ripens in fall, then remove some from the tree. Put them in a dry place until they split open, revealing the seeds inside.

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    Bought your plants . received it with good packaged methods and its looking very fresh . THANKS

  2. Lolita

    I love the plants! They’re a nice size, very healthy and colorful.

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