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Bignonia-Amphilophium Paniculatum - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Bignonia-Amphilophium Paniculatum

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The Bignonia – Amphilophhium panniculatum plants are rare to find creeper plants. And it’s native to the rainforest of tropical America. You can check our website for beautiful houseplants suitable for all types of gardens.

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Bignonia-Amphilophium Paniculatum


Buy the Bignonia – Amphilophhium paniculatum plants from our Santhi online plants nursery website. This creeper bignonia is hard to find in sub tropical woody shrubs. Usually tinged with maroon and turning deep purple at maturity, the flowers are 5-parted, aromatic, white, and 3-4 cm long. The leaves are 2 or 3 foliolate; leaf-stalks are 2.3-7 cm long; leaflet-stalks are 0.6-4.3 cm long. Leaflets are broadly ovate to rounded, tapering, heart shaped at the base. Buy Creeper plants from our online garden store & get beautiful flowering creeper plants around you.

How to Grow Creeper Bignonia

Soil: The Bignonia – Amphilophhium paniculatum plants thrives well in well aerated soil, or coco peat potting mix.

Sunlight: Requires direct sun light of 5-6 hours as they are drought tolerant plants.

Water: Initially water the creeper plants till 1 year, after one year no need to water the plants often.

Fertilizer: You can apply organic compost monthly once around the plants.


1. This creeper plants are popular flowering plants with ornamental value.

2. This plant is the traditional remedy for gastrointestinal, liver, respiratory, cardiovascular, and urinary disorders.

3. The bignonia shrubs are the best hedge plants too.

In modern lifestyles, most people need to be indoors, so the plants are only natural remedy to overcome all these. We have 199+ plants online from different categories.

You can buy  live plants green online from us at an lowest cost. By this, we conclude that we are the best online plants in india. Select your favorite plant from & make your environment lovely.


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