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Best Table Top Plant Set - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Best Table Top Plant Set

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These Plants in the combo makes the best choice for table top & makes the environment ever decorative.Hurry & buy this exclusive combo. Just at rs.799/- Make your decorative by our table top plants for indoor.



List Of Plants in the Combo


  1. Ficus benjamina pot plant * 1
  2. Japanese Bamboo-Dracaena Surculosa pot plant *1

  3. Aglaonema Pink Valentine pot plant * 1

     4. Free Plant – Any Snake plant sansevieria or Aglaonema variety pot plant * 1

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 Best Table Top Plant Set


Buy the Best table top plant Set from Santhi online plants nursery website.The office table top plants are best way to reduce the stress & increase the productivity which imapcts greater positive vibration  & most decorative plants for both office & home.

Benefits of  combo

  1.  Ficus benjamina or Weeping Fig pot plant :  Fast growing foliage plants placed at both indoor & outdoor , best air-purifier, long lived houseplant of longitivity about 20-30 years. NASA recoganized air purifiers.

2. Japanese Bamboo-Dracaena Surculosa :  This  Bamboo variety is luck bringing one & considered as aspicious plant grown especially for foliage. This croton is exculsive for table top arrangement.

3. Aglaonema Pink Valentine : This Variety is slow growing pink foliage with good ornamental values.

4. Free Plant : Either Sansevieria Snake Plant variety or Aglaonema any variety with pot to encourage all our gardeners enthusiast for growing more & more green plant parents around the environment.

Additionally, these 4 plants are best plants for home & decorative plants.

Plant Care

Soil: Grows well in well-aerated soil or coco peat potting mix

Sun light: This table top  plants are requires only partial or indirect light

Watering: Water the weekly twice on alternate days around the plant. Not to over water the plants.

Fertilizer: Application of diluted organic fertilizer monthly once as foliar spray.

Product Details : Best Table Top Plant Set are dilevered along with self-watering pots.

We have more than 200 varieties plant for home & we sell many affordable combo & organic products. And we are the best online plant nursery website in india to sell live products online at afforadable cost.For more visit our website  & get best indoor plants at reasonable cost.

3 reviews for Best Table Top Plant Set

  1. Lakshmi

    Nice combo

  2. Jisha


  3. Priyanga

    Plants & organic products are good here

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