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Best good luck plants for home - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Best good luck plants for home

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Most of us think flowers are just fill landscaping purposes but they also bring good luck & prosperity to home. Here we offer the most essential 10 varieties of Best good plants for home & it also has vastu values.


Best Good Luck Plants for Home includes


1. Royal Jasmine – Getti Malli * 2

2. Hibiscus Red Design * 2

3. Champaka- Senbhagam * 2

4. Nerium – Alari * 1

5. Gardenia – Parijatham * 2

6. Money Plant * 2

7. Silver Oak * 2

8. Khus Grass – Vetiver * 2

9. Betal Leaf – Vetrilai * 2

10. Kadamba * 2


Note: Plants in this combo are Nano cover-grown plants. These are the plants that bring good luck to home & office.

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 Best good luck plants for home


Buy the Best good luck plants for home from our Santhi online plants nursery website. The Good luck plants are evergreen perennial shrubs & herbs. Each of these has specific values for the home & this combo plant adopts in wide range of climatic conditions. You can buy plants online from us in different categories. 


Good Luck Values About Plants


Royal Jasmine 

 It represents appreciation, love, and good luck and creates positivity in relationships. Most popular Pooja flowers with a sweet fragrance & should be planted towards the east, north, or northeast direction at outdoors that attract more positivity.


Hibiscus Red Design

Hibiscus is a genus of flowering plants in the mallow family, Malvaceae. It includes several hundred species native to warm temperate, subtropical, and tropical regions throughout the world.


 Champaka- SenbhagamHibiscus 

 The champaka plant is a popular ornamental plant and is grown for its beautiful flowers and distinctive fragrance. It symbolizes purity, devotion, and enlightenment. It is beleived offering this flower to the Gods brings good luck and blessings.


Nerium – Alari  

Nerium oleander is an good luck plant. Place the plant in the South-facing direction, as it  promote positive vibration. Most favorite flowers for Maa Durga Goddess.


Gardenia – Parijatham 

 White strong fragrant flowers once they bloom spread excellent fragrance, It is believed to bring positivity and reduce stress & anxiety. Offering this flower to God helps to solve career-related problems. Place this good luck plant in the northeast direction best vastu place to grow.


Money Plant 

It is one of the best indoor plants that bring good luck to the office & the home. This plant clears money-related financial issues. By placing the plant in the south-east corner brings wealth & prosperity.


Silver Oak

Silver Oak typically refers to a type of tree known as Quercus alba, which is native to eastern and central North America. It belongs to the white oak group of oaks and is commonly known as the white oak due to the light color of its bark


Khus Grass – Vetiver 

It is the most beneficial perennial grass and its offered to lord Ganesha & Shiva. And it stops soil erosion at the garden. This brings good health, brings peace at home, and gives positive vibrations. Its aroma makes you feel fresh.


Betal Leaf- Vetrilai 

 It promotes positive energy, harmony, and prosperity within the household. Betel leaves plants are auspicious and are with the Goddess Lakshmi incarnation, the deity of wealth and abundance.

Kadamba Tree 

Most of us don’t know Kadamba tree is a good luck plants for home. Lord Krishna at his younger age grew in Kadamba (Neolamarckia cadamba) forest. It is an ornamental tree with timber value. Blossoms burflower in orange color with a sweet fragrance. And this is auspicious tree.And the plants that bring good luck.


About Us 


We Santhi online plants have different plants online grown in nano covers & we offer the most affordable cost. You can select your favorite plants from us.

For more details kindly check our website & get good luck plants for home from us.


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