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Aster flower plant (multicolors) - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Aster flower plant (multicolors)

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Aster flower plants add colors to your garden, One of the most valuable flower plants for a garden. And this flowering plant is annual & perennial and grows & comes back every year. Aster flowers come in pink, white, purple, and blue colors

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Aster flower plant (multicolors)


Buy the Aster flower plant (multicolors) from our Santhi online plants nursery website. The Aster flower plant is a woody flowering plant belongs to Asteraceae. Aster in Greek means “star, starburst arrangement of bright petals, which surround a yellow center. The flowers are small but numerous, giving the plants the look of being “lovely color” when in full bloom. Leaves are long and narrow, with a linear shape. You can get various colorful flowering plants from our plant shopping.


Plant Details


Common Name: Michaelmas daisies

Scientific Name : Aster amellus

Family:  Asteraceae

Flower Type: Ornamental Short Day Flower




The Aster amellus are excellent ornamental plants for the garden.

Colorful flowers of this plant done plantation as hedges, rock garden & borders.

It is low maintenance colorful flowering plant.


Plant Care 


Soil : This flower plant thrives well in good aerated soil or organic pot mix.

Watering :  Try to water the base of your asters without splashing water on the leaves.Water the plants only when top inches of seems dry to touch.

Sunlight : This flower plant requires at 6 hours of sun light with partial shade.

Feed: Application of any organic fertilizer monthly once around the plants like vermicompost or any 6 months old manure.


About Us

We Santhi online plants have 250+ plant varieties. All our plants online are well-rooted grown plants & you can place the plants directly in your garden. Hence we recommend buying plants online from us.

And above all, we hopefully say that we are the best online plant nursery in India. For more details kindly check our website & make your garden colourful.



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    Good colourful flowering plants.

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