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Anthurium Plant (Passion Pink-Flame-Chocos-Fantasia) - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Anthurium Plant (Passion Pink-Flame-Chocos-Fantasia)

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Anthurium is a tropical house plant with bright colors. This plant is categorized under outdoor, flower, and air purifier          

  • COMMON NAME: Anthurium (Passion Pink-Flame-Chocos-Fantasia)
  • SCIENTIFIC NAMEAnthurium sp.
  • FAMILY: Araceae
  • SOIL: Fabolous to grow coarse, well-drained aerated soil rich in organic matter
  • ORIGIN: Colombia
  • PLANT DETAIL: Two Plant sold with a pot

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Anthurium (Passion Pink-Flame-Chocos-Fantasia)

Buy the Anthurium plant (Passion Pink-Flame-Chocos-Fantasia) from Santhi online plant nursery website. Anthurium symbolizes hospitality and femininity. It blooms every year. Leaves are dark green and have heart-shaped leaves. Flower considered to spathe and spadix. Multicolor spathe along with bright color spadix. This plant is one of the best indoor ornamental plants. Anthurium flowers attract the surrounding environment. You can buy this plant from online plant shopping and grow attractive anthurium plants. 

FERTILIZER: Apply cocopeat to develop root formation and good air- circulation.

PROPAGATION: Cutting and division

REPOTTING: Repotting should be done when the plant is necessary to transfer to a new container pot. 

PRUNING: Prune damaged flower buds and infected leaves.         


  • One of the best ornamental and unique plants.
  • It is an air-purifier plant 
  • It is convenient to place home, office, windows, and living room.
  • Anthurium is the most beloved plant nowadays, we assure these plants at an affordable cost and you can buy the best online plants from us.


  • Planting pot sizes are slightly larger than plants because it may cause the root to die.
  • Apply potting mix soil for better plant growth.
  • Watering half cup of water when dry conditions appear on the potting mix once a week to pour water.
  • Plant to place on bright indirect sunlight.
  • Most anthurium plant doesn’t require fertilizer.

TOXICITY: Plants are toxic to eat children and pet animals.


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