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Alpinia Officinarum Plant (Sitharathai) - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Alpinia Officinarum Plant (Sitharathai)

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Lesser Galangal, also known as Alpinia officinarum, is a ginger plant cultivated in Southeast Asia. It all started in China. It has long leaves and reddish-white flowers and can reach a height of 1.5 to 2 metres. Buy this plant on online plant shopping.
Name: Alpinia Officinarum
Scientific name: Alpinia
Origin: China
Height: Up to 7 inches
Family: Zingiberaceae

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Alpinia Officinarum Plant (Sitharathai)

Buy Alpinia Officinarum Plant (Sitharathai)  from Santhi online plants nursery website.

This perennial ginger-like plant with leafy stems is native to southern China and northern Vietnam, although it grows in Thailand, Japan, and India. You can order this plant in online plant delivery. The rhizomes are fragrant, stomachic, stimulating, and carminative.

They are used to ease flatulence, stimulate digestion, avoid vomiting that may cause by indigestible food, and help reduce diabetes-related polyuria. In addition, galangal rhizomes can prize for their sweet, spicy flavour and aromatic fragrance. These are commonly used in Asian curries and perfumes and were once widely utilised in Europe. This herbaceous plant can grow up to 2 metres in height.

The leaves are lanceolate (long and thin), and the flowers are white with streaks of red, growing from a spike at the top. The plant’s rhizomes, the part is known as Galangal, are thin and challenging, and they are the principal reason the plant can cultivate it.

They have orange flesh with a brown coating and have an aromatic odors and a sweet flavor.  This herbaceous plant can reach a height of 2 meters.

The blooms are white with red streaks and come from a spike at the top of the plant. The leaves are lanceolate (long and thin).  They have an aromatic odors and a pleasant flavor, and their flesh is orange with a brown coating. Therefore, These are smaller than more excellent galangal rhizomes with a sharper peppery pine-like bite that lesser galangal rhizomes lack.


  • Alpinia is a ginger-related plant.
  • Medicine from the horizontal underground stem (rhizome).
  • Fever, muscle spasms, intestinal gas, and swelling (inflammation) can treat with Alpinia, which can use to destroy bacteria and as a stimulant.


  • It’s a lovely plant with narrow, strappy green leaves that look a lot like ginger.
  • Buy this plant on online plant shopping.
  • I prefer to grow my Galangal in a container because it is easier to harvest,
  • however, this is a must if you plan to grow Galangal further south than the central coast.
  • Galangal comes from the ginger family and can harvest as a root or rhizome.
  • It is a simple plant to grow.
  • It’s a plant that requires little upkeep.
  • In addition, Early winter, ten to twelve months after planting, the rhizomes will be ready to harvest.
  • You can order this plant in online plant delivery. 

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