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Aglaonema White Dust - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Aglaonema White Dust

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Purchase the Best Aglaonema plant varieties online from us. This Variety has lovely variegtaion like white dusting. And it is suitable to all types of indoors, balcony & shaded outdoors.Get this plant at just Rs. 89/-

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Aglaonema White Dust


Buy the Agalonema white dust plant from our Santhi online plants nursery website. This Aglaonema white plant is a beautiful, high-tolerant aroid with longer lemon-green leaves. This like living room plants requires a well-maintained indoor environment does not require it to be fed or watered regularly.Get various indoor plants online from our website.

NASA Air Clean Study

Clean Air Study by NASA,1989. In this study, several popular houseplants were tested in isolated chambers to see what Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) they removed from the air.

This study included Aglaonemas (living room plants) showed promising results


The Chinese Evergreen Aglaonema white is the perfect plant for those working from home or needing a desk plant for the office.According to numerous studies, having plants around can increase your focus by more than 10% when it comes to productivity.

Our live plants online most of them have minimum care & maintenance.

Plant Care Tips

Sun light: This plant needs indirect sun light. Remember not to expose the Aglaonema plant in direct sun light.

Growth Medium: Coco peat potting mix or well-aerated soil

Watering: Moisten the growth medium, aglaonema white dies of over watering.

Feed: Fertilize this live plants online during spring & summer not to add any fertilizer during winter as they are slow growers.

Pruning: Trim the old leaves alone.

Thumb Rule For Aglaonema : Aglaonema should be kept warm and moist at all times.

About Us

We assure the quality of plants & timely delivery all over India at affordable cost. We have about 160+ plant online. By the same time our plants are eco-friendly & sustainable in nature those does not cause any harm to environment.

With this we conclude that we offer best plants online & customer satisfaction is our mandatory .For more you can visit our website & get your favourite one.


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    Lovely collection of Aglaonemas

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