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Aglaonema Moonlight Bay - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Aglaonema Moonlight Bay

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Buy the Chinese evergreen Aglaonema moonlight bay plant. It is an evergreen herb with woody stems & lance-shaped leaves. In the home or office, Aglaonema can be kept in low light levels, which makes it one of the easier indoor plants to keep.

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Aglaonema Moonlight Bay


Buy the Aglaonema moonlight bay plants from our Santhi online plants nursery website. The Chinese evergreen plant has beautiful broad lance shaped leaves with variegated appearance all over the plants. Mature plants reach up to the height of 35 inches tall. It is the best choice of plant for all types of beginners and it has very low maintenance & care. You can buy plants online from our online plant shopping website & grow beautiful plants around you.


Benefits Of Aglaonema Moonlight Bay


Chinese Evergreen Aglaonema moonlight has perfect ornamental foliage

It has air-purifying properties with broad leaves.

Aglaonema Moonlight Bay brings good luck & fortune to home.


Key Requirements for Aglaonema Moonlight Bay 


Sunlight: Moderate Indirect Sunlight, which Aglaonema plants require.

Growth Medium: Best well-aerated soil or organic pot mix.

Watering: Water the Aglaonema chinese evergreen plants only when the top 2-3 inches of soil dries.

Feed: Application of any good organic fertilizer monthly once around helps to improve the foliage growth.

Cleaning of Leaves: By using soft clothes clean the leaves weekly once as the plant removes the dust regularly.

Precaution: Do not ingest the chinese evergreen plant leaves as they are only ornamental plants to decorate the home.


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