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Aglaonema Lipstick - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Aglaonema Lipstick

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The Aglaonema Lipstick Plant is an eye-catching houseplant with pinkish-red foliage. This is categorized under air-purifier, indoor, outdoor & foliage plant

  • COMMON NAME: Aglaonema Lipstick
  • SCIENTIFIC NAME: Aglaonema commutatum
  • FAMILY: Araceae
  • SOIL: Moist fertile well-drained soil
  • ORIGIN: New Guinea
  • PLANT HEIGHT: 5 to 8 inches.

NOTEThis plant is sold along with the self-draining pot.

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Aglaonema Lipstick

Buy the Aglaonema Lipstick plant from our Santhi online plant nursery website. This Aglaonema commutatum plant is the annual hardy houseplant. Elegant leaves are dark green with a pinkish-red borderline over the edges & veins. This lipstick Aglaonema plants are long-lived.

FERTILIZER: Application of organic fertilizer or manure monthly once around the plant.

PROPAGATION: Done by stem cuttings

REPOTTING: Repot the plant yearly once after planting.

PRUNING: Trim the matured hardy old leaves. Prune the plants regularly to encourage new growth.


  • This pot plant are luck & prosperity bringing plants.
  • Aglaonema commutatum plants are excellent air-purifying indoor plants.
  • And most importantly NASA recommended an air–purifier plant.

 The Aglaonema lipstick plants black are the most popular nowadays and in high demand nowadays, we offer these plants at affordable cost and you can buy the best online plants from us.


  • Water the plants at regular intervals 3 days once in summer & weekly once in winter.
  • This plant requires only indirect bright light
  • Keep the plants away from AC rooms

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  • As the leaves contain Calcium Oxalate Crystals, Not to ingest the leaves                               
  • Keep the plants away from children & pet animals.


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4 reviews for Aglaonema Lipstick

  1. Pravin kumar

    Received a beautiful healthy plant with no damages at all.

  2. Pravin kumar

    The condition of the plant was so good

  3. Pravin kumar

    The condition of the plant was so good and fresh.

  4. vikraman

    Aglaonema indoor plants are excellent.

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