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Aglaonema Jubilee Petite - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Aglaonema Jubilee Petite

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The Houseplant Aglaonema Jubilee Petite is drought tolerant, low maintenance, and is a good luck bringer and air purifier. Get different varieties of air purifier plants at your doorstep.

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Aglaonema Jubilee Petite


Buy the Aglaonema Jubilee Petite plant from our Santhi online plants nursery website. This jubilee aglaonema is the perfect houseplant with attractive leaf variegations. Generally, this variety comes under the Aglaonema Chinese evergreen plant. In the present scenario, one of the most cultivated ornamental plants in horticulture is the Aglaonema.


About Plant

Scientific NameAglaonema Modestum

Plant Purpose: Ornamental and air purifiers

Plant Height: 5 to 8 inches when you receive.


Specialty of Aglaonema Jubilee Petite

The Aglaonema Jubilee gives an aesthetic look to the environment.

Good luck bringing – the best houseplant

This plant suits all types of indoors such as homes, offices & shopping malls

The Aglaonema Chinese evergreen plant requires only low maintenance. Anybody can grow this houseplant.


Plant Care

Soil: This houseplant requires well-aerated soil or coco peat potting mix

Sunlight: Chinese evergreen plant requires bright indirect light. Avoid placing the plants in direct sunlight. It may lead to scorching the leaves.

Watering: Regularly moisten the growth medium so as not to wet the soil or coco peat.

Fertilizer: Aglaonema jubilee needs liquid organic fertilizer monthly once as a foliar spray.

Repotting: Transfer the plants to a new large size compared to old ones when the root growth is found out of the drainage holes.

Pruning: Trim the yellow leaves that are matured.


About Us

You can believe that we are the best online plants in India. We sell plants & organic products at affordable cost. And also our plants are eco-friendly and do not cause any harm to your environment.

By this, we conclude that we have more than 180 plant varieties online. For more kindly visit our website & make the home green.





1 review for Aglaonema Jubilee Petite

  1. Priyanga

    Beautiful houseplant. My indoor looks good by this plant

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