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Aglaonema Butterfly Green - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Aglaonema Butterfly Green

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Buy the shade-loving Aglaonema butterfly green plants. This plant has dark green leaves with a variegated green appearance. Get a variety of Aglaonema plants from us.


Best Feature of this Plant : Air purifier, Ornamental, Good luck bringing plants.


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Aglaonema Butterfly Green


Buy Aglaonema butterfly green plants from our Santhi online plants nursery website. This Aglaonema plant has stunning dark green foliage with a variegated appearance. Leaves are broad with lime yellow stripes & mature plants reach up to the height of 1 to 3 feet. You can buy different plant varieties from our indoor plant shop & add gorgeous plants to your home.


Key Benefits of Aglaonema Butterfly Green


Variegated plants like Aglaonema Butterfly plant are lovely to look at.

A dark green with light green variegation gives the center of attraction

The Aglaonema plant varieties are NASA-approved air purifier plants.

It brings good luck & prosperity to home.


Care Guide For Aglaonema Green


Soil : The Aglaonema dark green variegated plants require a well-aerated garden or any suitable pot mix.

Sun Light: The variegated plants requires indirect sunlight of about 2-3 hours, too much of sun light may burn the leaves, Avoid placing the plants in direct sun light.

Watering: Water the only when top inches of soil dries.

Feed: Application of Liquid seaweed extract or Steamed bone meal for two months one time.

Repotting: Repot of the Aglaonema plants when plants are found root bound. Transfer the plants to a new large-size pot. You can get pots online from our indoor plant shop & make your plants happy to grow.


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3 reviews for Aglaonema Butterfly Green

  1. Pravin kumar

    Received a very beautiful and healthy plant. Thank you Santhi online plants team.

  2. Priyanga

    Most beautiful variegated plant.

  3. Chandramouli Gadigi

    Good online site for plant lovers

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