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7 Days Rose - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

7 Days Rose


Buy the lovely 7 days rose plant which yields a huge & fragrance spread all over your garden. Purchase the plants online at your doorstep at a very reasonable cost.

Specialty of the Plant: Blooms throughout the year & flowers will stay fresh for 7 days.


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7 Days Rose


Buy the 7 days rose plant from our Santhi online plant nursery website. The rose flower plants online are affordable at cost. These 7 days rose plant are evergreen perennial houseplants where the flower blooms result maximum. Initially, the flower blooms in cream color & matured flowers are milky white colored. Get the various rose plant online from us & make your garden beautiful with rose flower plants.

Characteristics Of 7 days Rose Plant

  1. Year around flowering 
  2. Yields higher
  3. Spread Sweet fragrance
  4. Rare variety
  5. Best online rose plant delivery.
  6. Perfect plant for outdoor garden areas, balcony

Plant Details

Common Name: 7 days Rose

Scientific Name : Rosa indica

Plant Height: 5 to 8 inches

Purpose: ornamental, pooja flower, cut flowers & fragrant flowers

Tips for Growing 7 days Rose Plant

Soil: The rose flower plants online require any type well-drained of acidic neutral pH.

Soil Composition: 60 % Red soil + 40% organic fertilizer & cocopeat

Water: Water this plant at regular intervals on alternate days.

Sunlight: The rose flower plant needs natural indirect sun light of about 3- 4 hours. Additionally, it is a shade-loving plant.

Fertilizer: Natural organic fertilizer gives the best results such as goat manure, vermicompost & cow manure once around the plants.

Pruning: Trim the back the old dead branches during the spring season.Get plants at online rose plant shopping.

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About Us

We have 150+ plants online & we sell live plants and organic products at affordable cost. All our plants are beginner-friendly and easy to grow they are grown in biodegradable nano covers

Hence we recommend you buy plants & products online from our online plant shopping & for more kindly visit our website www.santhionlineplants.com & make your garden pleasant looking by online rose plant delivery.




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