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Pinwheel flower – Tabernaemontana divaricata - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

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Pinwheel flower – Tabernaemontana divaricata

The pinwheel flower – tabernaemontana divaricata plants are most elegant white flowers with single,double & multi-petaled. This plant is commonly called crape jasmine in English & Nandyavarta in Sanskrit grows as shrub with high yielding white flowers.

pinwheel flower plant

Tabernaemontana divaricata

The pinwheel flower belongs to Apocynaceae & scientifically called as Tabernaemontana divaricate. As the name crape jasmine but actually this plant does not belong to jasmine family but it has good fragrance & milky sap. It is the most reminiscent flower plant of all types of gardeners. In general pinwheel flower plant reaches up to height of 6 feet tall with mounds of glossy green leaves gives round shaped plant appearance.

pinwheel flower

Crape Jasmine

The flowers are pinwheel & curved. In India pinwheel flowers are majorly has pooja & decoration values such as in garland & bouquet preparations.

crape jasmine


The name Nandyavarta in Sanskrit & nandhiyavattai in English . It is the magical plant has many medicinal properties & used in Ayurveda. Act as anti-inflammatory & milky sap is good for our eyes.

crape jasmine


Nanthiyavattai Mini

 This plant is dichotomously branched and grows to a height of 1.5–1.8 meters (5–6 feet). The huge cluster of leaves is around 15 cm (6 in) long and 5 cm (2 in) wide and are deep green. Cute mini clusters of waxy blooms observed on the stem tips.


Vivasaya Nanthiyavattai

Vivasaya Nanthiyavattai grows everywhere in the tropical and subtropical regions. The leaves are enormous, lustrous, and deep green. The (single) blooms feature the distinctive ‘pinwheel’ shape with strong fragrance in the evening.

Vivasaya Nanthiyavattai

Variegated Crape jasmine

Most beautiful flower crop plant has attractive leaf foliage. Leaves have white streak all over the surface. Flowers are regular pinwheel shaped. It gives contrasting graceful look to the environment.

Variegated Crape jasmine

Crape jasmine Circle

This variety crape jasmine flowers are curled at edges has perfect circle flowers and fast growing evergreen perennial flower plant. It gives flower yield year around.

Crape jasmine Circle

Plant Care Tips


This pinwheel flower plant requires humus rich moist soil, somewhat acidic & well-drained soil helps to have finest flower & foliage.

Also this plant grows well in coco peat potting mix.

pinwheel flower plant growth  medium


As its tabernaemontana divaricata are drought tolerant plants. Water the plants weekly twice on alternate days in a week. Crape jasmine plant does not like standing or stagnant water.

pinwheel flower plant watering


This flower plant requires direct sunlight of 4-5 hours with partial shade. Flower prefers shade for lovely bloom. Do not place the plants in continuous direct sunlight.

sunlight for nanthiyavattai


To get optimal flower bloom fertilize the plants with bio-fertilizer or organic fertilizer monthly once around the plants. Preferably phosphorus rich fertilizer steamed bone meal in diluted form application promote high flower bloom.

fertilizer for pinwheel flower plant


Propagation done through stem cuttings. Take a 15 cm cutting from the top of the stem, cutting just below a leaf node. Remove the leaves from the lower part of the stem. Place it in moist soil or cocopeat potting mix.


Prune the plants to get perfect compact structure. Prune the lower branches of the plant to get more branches out.

pruning for pinwheel flower


During rainy season, this flower plant affected by leaf roller pest. Application Neem oil in diluted form helps the plant to grow disease & pest free.

pest of crape jasmine


  • Pinwheel flower bud juice mixed with oil and applied to the skin to treat inflammation and externally to the eyes in treatment against Ophthalmia, & inflammation of the eyes.
  • It is one of the ornamental, natural hedges, cut flower & landscape value plants.
  • It is low-maintenance outdoor & indoor plants.
  • Nowadays Nanthiyavettai flowers are most trending in garland preparations.

pinwheel flower

Greenery plays a strategic role in making the world more beautiful. Green Plants provide essential biodiversity, ecosystem services, carbon sequestration and helps to reduce the Urban Heat effect.

crape jasmine

For the love of planet,keep it Green!!

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