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Ixora plant

The most beautiful, compact flower plant is the Ixora with a long living character. Ixora plants are native to Asia called the mini Superstar of the garden. This plant came to India 30-40 years back probably one of the oldest Indian flower plants.


Ixora flower

These flowers are the most pretty and occur as a cluster of flowers. It has full of nectar at the center as stigma & style. Initially, flower buds look like sharp needles. The day next after bud formation flower blooms with 4 petals all the plant.

ixora flower

Ixora flower plant

Ixora flower plants are of two categories. All native plants are tall and perennial & All hybrid Ixora plants are dwarf with the same perennial character. It grows well in all climatic conditions.

Ixora tree

All we need to know native plants of India. One of them is the Ixora tree. Native plants grow as a tree with woody branches. Ixora coccinea is commonly called ‘Scarlet jungle flame’.Ixora's name is derived from the Portuguese meaning ‘Ishwara’- Supreme soul or God.

ixora tree

Ixora varieties

Different varieties are there in India such as Ixora coccinea, Ixora javanica, Ixora finlaysoniana, Ixora chinensis, Ixora singaporensis, Ixora Rosea, and others. These are remarkable varieties present in the colors red, yellow, pink, and orange.

ixora singaporensis

Dwarf Ixora plant

The dwarf Ixora plant is known as Ixora taiwanensis this plant bears a cluster of star-shaped flowers. This plant grows as a shrub cum small tree. Dwarf plants popularly grow as short hedges ranges of 2-4’’ feet.

Mini Ixora Plant

Mini plants are nothing but Dwarf Ixora. This plant is specially grown as an indoor plant. Mini Ixora flowers are compact with a bushy plant appearance. It is generally called Ixora chinensis or Ixora taiwanensis.

mini ixora


Ixora plants are sun-loving plants. it loves to grow in tropical sunlight for about 6-8 hours and also Ixora plants can tolerate partial shade. In summer gradually reduce the sun light for ixoras because it may lead to sunburn on leaves. In summer Ixora can grow in 5-6 hours of light.


 Suitable Soil

For Healthy plants make the best soil for ixora which is acidic soil of pH 5 to 6.7 with good organic coco peat potting mix. Not place the plants near cement buildings or concrete constructions work if unfortunately, cement falls on soil this becomes alkaline, the plant may lead to stunted growth.

ixora soil


Water the plants at regular intervals. Make soil moist not to make the soil soggy. Water the plants daily in small amounts.

watering in ixora


Application of slow-release houseplant fertilizer steamed bone meal 3 months once, in addition to this monthly once handful of cow manure or goat manure. After manure application water supplements should be given to get absorbed by plants.

steamed bone meal


Propagation done by by stem cuttings. Select mature well-grown branches for good plants.


Ixora plants can grow well in a pot size of 4-5 inches after 2-3 years transfer the plants to a pot size of 8 -10 inches.



 Though the plant is short, compact, and bushy. Pinch pruning can be followed during the growing season. Hard pruning is done during early spring or late winter. Most chiefly not remove the top growth of plants more than 30-40 percent. Pruning in Ixora gives a perfect shape to plants.

ixora pruning

Splotchy red purple

In the Winter season,plants may suffer phosphorus and potassium deficiency which leads to splotchy red-purple coloration leaves and chlorosis is the identification of iron deficiency and imperfect potting mix. 

ixora nutrient deficiency

To control this adjust soil pH, and not over water the plants, mulching can promote microclimate to the plants.

Mulching helps to control weeds, microclimate to the plants and it protects plants from weeds, fungi, root parasites, and nematodes.


Common problems in Ixora

The most common pest in Ixora plants is aphids and scales. Secondly, common diseases such as leaf spots and sooty mold. The disease may be due to high humidity and low air circulation.

ixora sooty mould

To control disease and pest attacks regular intervals of watering at the required amount, proper soil check & application of Neem oil only at the required smaller quantity in case of aphids and scales infestation.

neem oil

Homemade fertilizer

Application of home made fertilizer such as coffee- debris, tea compost, and any organic old compost. The application of water is important after fertilizer given it supplies essential nutrients nitrogen, phosphorus, and others to get absorbed by plants.

ixora  homemade fertilizer

Ixora plants are easy to care for and maintenance plants for your garden areas. Do not worry it is most specially a beginner-friendly plant. Arrange your garden area with beautiful flower plants. Make your environment green by using only organic fertilizers and remedies.

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