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The fig tree originated from Mediterranean countries. Turkey is considered a major producer of Fig. These plants are grown in warmer regions. It is also possible to grow in temperate regions with proper indoor temperatures.


Fig tree

Fig tree produce fig fruit and this belongs to the mulberry family. And this is also considered bone friendly because it contains magnesium, calcium, and phosphorous. In, some research it is recommended that it contains 3.2 times more than other fruits.Fig benefits are greater.

fig tree

Fig varieties

There are almost +800 varieties of figs. But only a few varieties are grown for their delicious purpose.

fig fruit varieties

Black Mission Fig

 This fig fruit variety is one of the most commonly grown varieties in the world. The size of the fruit is about 3-5 cm. Initially, the skin seems to be green in color. After ripening it will change to purple or else brown in colour.

black mission fig

Fig seed

 There are more than 1000 seeds found in a fig fruit. Seeds are produced from a single blossom.

fig seeds


Remove a scoop of pulp and soak in water for two to three days. The true seeds are sediment that is ready to be sown directly and it will germinate quickly.



Fig prefers to grow mostly in moisture and well-drained soil. Application of Bio-NPK results around the plants results in good yield.



Drip irrigation is the most suitable irrigation for fig trees. A plant requires at least 13-15 liters of water a day.



 This plant requires 6-8 hours of direct sunlight. Less amount of sunlight will produce less amount of fruits.


Planting tips

In summer trees should remain in full sun and never forget to add nitrogen fertilizer every 4 weeks. And during winter tend to move the plant to an indoor area with moist soil.



In the first year of growth the upward portion trimmed to 50 percent. And so it will grow into a stout and large trunk.



Application of good organic manure or vermicomposting monthly once around the plant.



Only two smaller leaves should remain above the pot. After transplanting the cuttings should remain in moist soil.


Maturity indices of fig

 When the fruits become soft in nature it is the right time to identify their maturity and the neck region will become wilt. If we pick the fruit before its maturity, there is a high chance of the possibility for latex to discharge. Based on the variety of plants the color will change accordingly to its maturity rate. Black mission figs should remain dark purple and calimyrna figs should remain light yellow in color to find their maturity stage.

maturity indices of fig

Harvesting time

 Based on weather conditions harvest time varies. In, summer time we can expect a harvest at two times. One in June month and another one in August.

fig harvest

Preserving figs

 We can preserve the fruit for up to three years in the freezer. Before preserving we have to dry the figs in direct sunlight or else by using a dehydrator. After drying it completely we have to place the fig on a baking sheet and it becomes very hardy in nature and remains good for up to 2-3 years.Dried figs also contain large amount of nutrients.

Preserving figs



 A matured tree produces approximately 300-360 fruits under certain optimum conditions like weather, soil, irrigation and sufficient nutrition, etc. If all these conditions are at a good level the yield will increase gradually year by year.

Fig Benefits

Figs are commonly rich in antioxidants which will reduce free radicals.

And also rich in potassium which regulates blood pressure levels.

Taking this fruit in every meal will regulate our body weight because fig is highly rich in fiber.

Figs are highly rich in vitamin A which helps in good vision.

The dried figs leaf is majorly used for diabetes, some skin conditions like vitiligo, & allergies.

Not only this dried figs are rich in anti-oxidants

And the fig benefits are more & essential for our daily life.

fig benefits

Make the habit of planting green plant parents around you. And last but not least encourage organic fertilizer application to home garden plants.

go green

Let's think something green.

Fig-fruit plant

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