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Coleus scutellarioides -Indoor Coleus Plant - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

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Coleus scutellarioides -Indoor Coleus Plant

The Coleus scutellarioides-Indoor coleus plant gained popularity in the indoor environment by their gorgeous stunning ornamental foliage. Coleus leaf adds brighter & lovely colors to indoor environments as well as in outdoors also.

coleus scutellarioides

Indoor coleus plant

This indoor coleus plant is often called as plectranthus or landscape coleus. This coleus variety belongs to the mint family & is scientifically called as Coleus scutellarioides originating from Southeast Asia. Some varieties are Coleus forskohlii. 

indoor coleus plant

Plant growth habit

This indoor coleus plant varieties are evergreen perennial but primarily grows as annuals due to exceptional growth in a frost environment. Stem & roots have soft growth.

indoor coleus plant at home

Indoor ornamental plants

In recent days coleus scutellarioides obtained the top position in indoor ornamental plants. These coleus leaf plants brighten up the indoor environment very attractive.

indoor ornamental plants-coleus leaf

Coleus varieties

The Coleus scutellarioides are classified based on leaf designs. The popular indoor coleus varieties include fairway mosaic, giant exhibition, wizard jade, premium sun, painted nettle, green with pink & others.

coleus varieties-coleus leaf

Coleus fairway mosaic

This is the most beautiful coleus with multi-colored leaves. Add stunning border decoration plants in gardens.

coleus fairway mosaic -coleus leaf

Coleus Green with pink

This variety has bi-colored foliage with pink centers surrounded by green margins

coleus green with pink -coleus leaf

Coleus Painted Nettle

It is a chocolate brown variety with pink painting colors in the middle of the leaves.

coleus painted nettle -coleus leaf

Plant Care


These indoor coleus plant loves to grow in rapidly-drained soil of any range but well-drained soil is preferred to avoid root rot & congestion.And also grows well in any organic growth medium including coco-peat organic potting mix.

coleus scutellarioides soil


Application of water to this plant only when the top inch of soil dries & plant begins to wilt. Overwatering leads to root rot & death.

indoor coleus plant watering-coleus leaf


The indoor ornamental plants are shade-loving plants. Indoor coleus enjoys indirect sunlight. But the leaf color is achieved through the direct sunlight, evening sunlight, or under a shade net.

indoor ornamental plants sunlight-coleus leaf


This plant bears a lavender-colored spike of flowers. Pinching the flowers helps the plant to grow faster & bushy.

coleus scutellarioides flower


Easily propagated through stem cuttings. Just trim the base of the cuttings & allow the top leaves alone.

coleus leaf cuttings


Transfer the plants to new bigger size pots when the coleus plants are found to be root bound over the drainge holes. Avoid placing the indoor coleus varieties in windy locations.

coleus leaf plant repotting


This is the most important practice in Coleus plant care. Regularly pinch off the cuttings from the top growing ends to promote more branching & faster growth.

coleus indoor plant pinching-coleus leaf


The application of organic compost is sufficient for these indoor coleus plants. And also application of homemade fertilizer like diluted rice water & related.

coleus varieties fertilizer


Coleus plants occasionally affected by peat & diseases.

Mealybugs are common pest. To control this application of neem oil spray in smaller quantities.

coleus pest


  • This indoor coleus plants are the best ornamental & air-purifier plants.
  • The coleus scutellarioides are color-leaf indoor houseplants.
  • It's the best choice of plants for gifting your loved ones.
  • These coleus indoor varieties are attractive border decorations, and hedge plants & it has other landscape values.
  • Placement of these plants at home indoors, table tops, dining tables & other office environments gives a marvelous look to the environment.

indoor ornamental plants-coleus leaf

Indoor gardening is the easiest & satisfied way of growing plants this helps to relieve stress, boosts creativity, and focus,& promotes recovery.

coleus varieties

You don't have to have superpowers to be a hero, go green!

Coleus indoor plant-ornamental plants

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