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White And Red Adenium Combo - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

White And Red Adenium Combo

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Purchase the lovely White and Red Adenium combo at an affordable cost. Adenium plants are versatile & one of the best long-lived plants. This combo is specially designed for red & white flower lovers.


Adenium Plants in this Combo include


1. Adenium Sweet Heart * 1

2. Adenium white Angel * 1

3. Adenium Red multilayered * 1

4. Adenium Red Beauty * 1



Note: Adenium Plants in this combo are sold along with Self – drainage color pots.


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White And Red Adenium Combo


Buy the White and Red Adenium combo from our Santhi online plants nursery website. Both red adenium plant & white adenium varieties are grafted ones. Adenium Desert Rose plants are succulent shrubs with perfect caudex. We offer a variety of adenium plants online  buy the live adenium bonsai from us.


About White and Red Adenium Combo

Sweet Heart:  This Adenium bonsai plant has white cream with red edges on the flowers and it has multiple petals.

White Angel :  Pure white flowers bloom on this Adenium with good rootings.

Red Multilayered: Bright red maroon flowers with multi petals blooms.

Red Beauty: This red beauty adenium bonsai plant is a customer-demand variety because flowers are eye-catching in wine red colors & also brighter red color flowers. 

Note: Kindly place your orders because this offer is limited. Hurry up!!


Plant Care

Soil: Any soil range probably sandy loam soil or cocopeat potting mix. Avoid growing red & white adenium plants in clay soil.

Sun light: This combo plant requires direct sun light for 5-6 hours at outdoors. These plants grow up to the height of 10 feet. In low light areas plants grow long & leggy.

Watering: Water these succulent plants weekly twice on alternate days as these plants are native to Sahara desert regions. Does not require more water. Avoid over-watering at night times

Mulching: Done with rice husk vermicompost, pebbles & others

Fertilizer: Application of any water-soluble organic fertilizer monthly once around the plants.


The natural shape of adeniums resembles a bonsai and makes it easy to experiment with when first setting out on your bonsai journey.

As the bonsai grows and acquires its own identity, its flowers become extremely vibrant and stunning. We have 250+ plant varieties at the lowest cost. For more details kindly check our website www.santhionlineplants.com & uplift the beauty at your home with our green plant parents.


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