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Tropical Lilies Combo - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Tropical Lilies Combo

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Get this beautiful tropical lilies combo from our online plant shopping. The combo offers perennial lilies, with a tuft of outward-spreading grassy foliage growing from tunicate bulbs. Make your garden area colorful with these beautiful lily bulbous plants.


List of Lily Bulbs in this combo includes


Rain Lily Yellow bulb * 3

Rain Lily Orange bulb * 3

Rain Lily White bulb * 3

Rain Lily Pink bulb * 3

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Tropical Lilies Combo


Buy the Tropical Lilies Combo from our Santhi online plant nursery website. These rain lily flower plants are perennial grassy foliage with attractive colors of flowers. This lily flower blooms after a rain & every stalk has the bloom, with upright petals & identical sepals. These rain lily lily flower varieties reach about 30 cm in height. You also get aquatic lily flower varieties from our online plant shopping website.


Benefits – Tropical Lilies Combo


The rain lily flower plants are the most beautiful & pleasant addition to your garden.

Affordable cost rain lily colors bulb in a single pack.

There is no need to give any special care to these plants.


Plant Care


Dig the small holes with your fingers or with the help of sticks in a pot or soil surface drop a single bulb & cover the soil. And some distance apart drop the next bulb & follow the same procedure.


Watering: Water thoroughly after placement of bulbs & after the plant growth water the rain lily plants for 2 to 3 days once. Reduce watering in the winter season.


Sunlight: These rain lily plant varieties require direct sun light of about 5-6 hours daily.


Supervision: Remove the unwanted & damaged plants & keep them away from the main plants.



Santhi Online Plants


Our Online plants production is through is natural & organic. We sell nano-cover-grown plants at your doorstep for a reasonable cost. Hence we recommend buying plants online from our online plant shopping website.


To know about more plant varieties. Kindly check our website & get different colors of rain lily bulbs from us.















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