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Star Gooseberry- Phyllanthus acidus - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Star Gooseberry- Phyllanthus acidus

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The Star Gooseberry-Phyllanthus acidus is a crisy, sour juicy fruit. This is categorized under fruit, medicinal & tree. Get the plants at just an affordable cost.

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Star Gooseberry- Phyllanthus acidus

Buy the Star Gooseberry – Phyllanthus acidus plant from our Santhi online plant nursery website. The phyllanthus acidus plants are evergreen perennial deciduous small trees. Leaves are compound alternate ovate measures about 2-7 cm long. Star gooseberry fruit yields numerous, droopy pale yellow,green colors and has about 6- 8 ribs. You can purchase the best fruit plants from our online plant shopping website.

Plant Care

Soil:  Amla requires well drained acidic soil or coco peat potting mix

Water: Prefers Constant moisture but doesn’t overwater the plants

Irrigation is supplied through drippers in large farms.

Sunlight: Arinellaikkai plant requires full sun light for about 6 hours.

Fertilizer: Application of any organic fertilizer monthly once around the plants to encourage fruiting.

Yield : The arinellikkai plant yields around 100 kg yield starting after 2 years.

Star Gooseberry 

  1. Hindi:  Harpharevadi, Lavali, Harpharauri
  2. Tamil:  Arinellikkai, Aranelli
  3. Kannada:  Karinelli
  4. Telugu:  Seema Usirikaya
  5. Marthi:  Rayaval


Leaves & Roots: Used for treatment of snake bite 

Fruits: Act as liver tonic, enhance the blood, cure diabetes, gonorrhea & many others.

Seeds: Used for the treatment of lung realted diseases.

Gooseberry Fruit: Can be eaten raw, candid 7 picked.

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3 reviews for Star Gooseberry- Phyllanthus acidus

  1. Achal Malviya

    Is this plant grafted or germinated from seed

  2. Swethapalani

    nice plants

  3. Priyanga

    Received plants at right time

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