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Scented Flower Plants Combo - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Scented Flower Plants Combo

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In this combo, we offer aromatic scented flower plants at affordable cost. The flower plants in this combo look beautiful, perennial & yield higher.

Plants in this combo are grown in nano covers & those are well-rooted.


Scented flower plants in this combo include



  1. Big Parijatham plant * 1
  2. Iruvatchi malli * 1
  3. Royal Jasmine – Getti Malli plant * 1
  4. Pune Parijatham * 1
  5. Singapuri Ixora White plant * 1
  6. Hibiscus Sandal Single * 1
  7. Ixora Light Pink plant * 1
  8. Mussaenda Red *1 
  9. Nerium oleander Pink Double Layered plant * 1
  10. Nerium oleander Sandal plant * 1
  11. Kesavardhini plant * 1
  12. Allamanda yellow bush * 1

Plants in this combo are grown in nano covers & those are well-rooted.


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Scented Flower Plants Combo


Buy the scented flower plants combo from our Santhi online plant nursery website. These scented flowers are beautiful, high-yielding & quality plants. Combo plants are evergreen plants with sweet-smelling fragrances all around the place where you grow. You purchase different flower plant combos from us.


About Fragrance


Parijatham – Sweet scent like attar

Iruvatchi malli – Heavy fragrance

Royal Jasmine- Strong jasmine fragrance

Parijatham Medium- candied nectar with big white flowers

Ixora – Woody fragrance

Hibiscus red two in one – Pure air fragrance

Nerium – Lovely vanilla fragrance

Kesavardhini – Foliage & flower contains pineapple fragrance.

Allamanda – Specific floral fragrance


Combo Plants Benefits


Excellent fragrant scent flowers

The White, Red, Pink, Yellow, and Violet flowers attract honey bees & other beneficial insects.

These white scented flowers are high-yielding varieties

All the beginner-friendly fragrance plants in single pack at affordable cost

The combo plants in this combo are cut flowers and have ornamental values.


Plant Care


Soil: The Scented flower plants require acid-loving soil pH of around 5 to 6.8 or Coco peat pot mix.

Watering: Water the plants only when the top inches of soil feel dry to touch.

Sunlight: These flower plants requires direct to partial sun light of about 4 to hours per day.

Feed: Apply cow manure or goat manure monthly once around the plants.

Pruning: Trim the plants for two months once to get a structure for plants.


About Us


We Santhi online plants have 190+ plants online and plants are grown in bio-degradable nano covers with perfect rootings. Hence we recommend you to buy plants & products online from us.

To know more, kindly visit our website & make your home pleasant with sweet fragrant flowers. 




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    Excellent Combo 👌

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    Beautiful combo

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