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Rusty Acacia Plant-Vanni Maram - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Rusty Acacia Plant-Vanni Maram


Rusty Acacia is a tiny, drought-resistant deciduous tree that grows to be no more than 12 meters tall. It has a bole that is rarely straight for more than 2-3 meters. The slender branches are armed with conical prickles, and the spine remains on the trunk until it reaches around 15 cm. Buy this plant on online plant shopping.

Name:  Rusty Acacia Plant-Vanni Maram

Scientific name: Senegalia ferruginea

Origin: India

Height: Up to 12meter

Family: Mimosaceae

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Rusty Acacia Plant-Vanni Maram

Buy Rusty Acacia Plant-Vanni Maram from Santhi online plants nursery website.

It is a medium-sized drought-resistant tree native to India and Sri Lanka that reaches a maximum height of 12 meters and a circumference of 1.0 meters. You can buy seeds online. The IUCN red list category for this species is Vulnerable A1c ver 2.3. The tree is prevalent in Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh. In addition, it is relatively frequent in the Deccan, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and the Eastern Ghats. The significant roots are long and slender, and the twigs are wiry and glabrous, reddish or green.

The infra-stipular bipinnate leaves are 5.0-7.5cm long, and the flowers are yellowish with dense spikes. Flowers bloom in the Indian subcontinent between March and May, and pods ripen between November and February. Acacia ferruginea favors thick red soils and is drought tolerant when grown on shallow stony surfaces. Buy this plant online plant shopping.

Twigs have zigzag nodes, are wiry and hairless, and are green or reddish. Long, slender, tapered, stringy, yellow to brown primary roots. The leaves are double-compound and alternately arranged. This plant is available in online plant shopping.


  • It is beneficial in treating brain diseases such as rabies, which causes brain inflammation due to an animal bite.
  • Different components of this plant have traditionally been used to treat skin infections, itching, leucoderma, ulcers, and irritation of the mouth and throat mucous membrane.
  • This plant aids in treating Helminthiasis, which is caused by a parasitic worm’s attack on the human body.
  • It can also help with skin conditions such as scabies, which cause excessive itching.
  • It can also assist in reducing the risk of developing diabetes.


  • Acacia doesn’t need much water if any at all.
  • During the dry months, Acacia may require pruning.
  • The green parts may avoid and should trim only slow growth.
  • This plant is available in online plant shopping.
  • Water and acacia once a week until it establishes itself, then during hot weather every three to four weeks.
  • To avoid developing shallow roots, thoroughly wet the entire area under the canopy when watering.
  • Acacias require full sun to thrive, and the majority of them are hardy in USDA zones 9 to 11.
  • Drainage should be adequate.



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