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Portulaca 9'O Clock Peach - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Portulaca 9’O Clock Peach

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The Portulaca 9’o clock peach is a good-looking houseplant with beautiful peach color flowers. This plant is categorized as a groundcover, ornamental, flower & succulent plant.


  •     COMMON NAME:  Portulaca 9’o clock Peach 
  •     SCIENTIFIC NAME:  Portulaca grandiflora
  •     FAMILY: Portulacaceae 
  •     SOIL: Well-drained soil of wide range or also in cocopeat as a growth medium.
  •     PLANT HEIGHT:  4 to 5 inches.

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Portulaca 9’O Clock Peach


Buy Portulaca 9’oclock peach plants from Santhi online plant nursery store website. The Moss rose flower plants are evergreen perennial succulent flowering plants. Peach color flowers blooms in bunches randomly. Table rose plants have needle-like flowers with blunt edges & creeping branches. And these moss rose are arranged in multiplexed with high flowering around the plants. You can purchase this variety of table rose flower plants from our live plants online website & decorate your garden beautifully.

FERTILIZER: No need for any fertilizer requirement often as they are succulent plants. Application of decomposed manure monthly once around the moss rose plants.

PROPAGATION: Starts growth easily through stem cuttings. Simply by pinching the branches.

REPOTTING: Once the table rose flower plant seems to have bunchy growth. Transfer some parts of the plants to a new container or suitable plant surface.

PRUNING: Remove the unnecessary & dried flowers from the peach color table rose flower plant.


  • These peach-colored portulaca plants remove pollutants & toxins.
  • The color of portulaca flowers attracts many beneficial insects. Peach flowers blooms in the morning during the sunrise.


  • Table rose flower plants requires suitable wide-size pot or grow bags for sufficient growth.
  • Water the moss rose plants only when the top soil dries.
  • Sunlight: Requires a good amount of direct sunlight. Shade area may lead the moss rose plants to stunned growth.


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3 reviews for Portulaca 9’O Clock Peach

  1. tejushirke01

    Very healthy plant

  2. Jisha


  3. Priyanga

    Love the portulaca peach colour plant

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