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Pedilanthus & Euphorbia Plants Combo - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Pedilanthus & Euphorbia Plants Combo

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The Pedilanthus & Euphorbia plants are the best succulent & perfect hedge plants for the home, garden, office & any suitable environment. We hand-picked & selected the most beautiful & perennial houseplants for this combo. Place your order now & get the plants online at affordable cost.


Plants includes in this Combo


1. Pedilanthus tithymaloides Green- Zig Zag Plant * 2
2. Pedilanthus Variegated * 2
3. Hanging Pedilanthus – Curly Leaves * 2
4. Pedilanthus Variegated Pink * 2
5. Pedilanthus Green Small leaves * 2
6. Euphorbia ‘Albino’ * 2
7. Euphorbia Variegated * 2
8. Euphorbia tithymaloides Green * 2

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 Pedilanthus & Euphorbia Plants Combo




Buy the Pedilanthus & Euphorbia Plants Combo from our Santhi online plants nursery website. These two succulent plants varieties belong to the same family Euphorbiaceae. The Characteristics of these two varieties are perennial, erect, spruge & bushy succulent plants. The milky sap will be exudated from the stem when it is broken. You can also check many plant combos on our website & order your favorite one.


Features of Combo


  1. Euphorbia & Pedilanthus are one of the popular succulent plants online & perfect hedge plants.
  2. These plants are perennial & serve as green walls.
  3. And these combo plants are low maintenance, autotrophic plants & spruge.
  4. Most importantly, these Euphorbia & Pedilanthus plants ornamental foliage plants.


Description About Plants


Pedilanthus Green- Zig Zag Plant: Most prominent succulent with erect growth & best screening plant.

Variegated Pedilanthus: Resembles like fish bone give the perfect look to the environment.

Hanging Pedilanthus:It has variegated pink foliage & it has curly leaves.

Pedilanthus Variegated Pink: Leaves are variegated with pink colour & it has soft texture.

Pedilanthus Green Small Leaves: Its a hanging plant with bushy plant growth 

‘Albino’: This variety has golden green leaves that are serrated at the edges.

Euphorbia Green Variegated: Perfect hedge & spurge with variegated foliage. 

Euphorbia Green: Stunning green leaves with serrated edges.Best screening plant.


Plant Care


Sunlight: These plant varieties require plenty of direct sun light of about 6-8 hours.

Watering: Frequent watering is not required, Water the plants weekly once. In rainy season not to water these succulent plants

Soil: Well-aerated soil of a wide range & also any suitable growth medium.

Fertilizer: Application of any organic fertilizer monthly once around the succulent plants online.

Plant Purpose: Hedge, Groundcover & Hanging plant. 


About Us


We Santhi Online Plants have 200+ plants online with biodegradable nano cover & cocopeat potting mix as the growth medium. hence we recommend you to buy plants online from us.

Above all, we offer plants online at the very lowest cost at your doorstep with fast & safe delivery. For more information kindly visit our website & make the environment marvelous with our plants.


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    Plants are good 👍

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    nice combo

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