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New Year Combo 2024 - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

New Year Combo 2024

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Celebrate this New Year 2024 with our live green parents.We Santhi online plants welcomes this year with combo offers!Grab this combo offer.And this offer is very limited. Hurry up to place your orders.


List of Plants in this Combo ( from each 1 plant below mentioned)


  1. Crape jasmine layered
  2. Ixora Mini Dwarf Red
  3. Nerium Pink
  4. Nerium White
  5. Nerium Red
  6. Madras Thorn -Kodukkapulli
  7. Bush Clock Laurifolia – Thunbergia
  8. Aralia Green
  9. Jatropa Red
  10. Pedilanthus tithymaloides- Zig Zag Plant
  11. Polyscias fruticosa crotons
  12. Sanchezia
  13. Star Gooseberry – Arainellikai
  14. Barbados Cherry
  15. Mini Guava
  16. Money Plant
  17. Syngonium Green Gold
  18. Crape Jasmine Single medium
  19. Crape Jasmine Mini
  20. Royal Jasmine-Getti Malli
  21. Marble Money Plant
  22. Tissue Culture Caladium
  23. Cordyline fruticosa-Hybrid ti plant
  24. Kasi Vilvam – Aegle Marmelos

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New Year Combo 2024


Buy the New Year combo 2024 from our Santhi online plant nursery website. We start this new year sale by offering some selected houseplants which beautify your home, garden, office & other locations. Our online plant shopping offers this combo with flower plants, fruit plants, tree plants, grafted fruits, indoor plants & crotons.


The specialty of this 2024 New Year Combo


These 24 plants are high-yielding, ornamental, air purifiers & most importantly it has beneficial values. 




Flower Plants: Most beautiful perennial flowering plants.

Fruit & Grafted Fruit Plants: Fast Growing & high yielding fruit plants.

Crotons: Best ornamental plants

Indoor: Excellent air purifiers & foliage plants.

Tree: Perfect wood-bearing tree with beneficial uses.


Plant Care 


Soil: Well-drained soil or Our online plant nursery offers well treated coco peat potting mix that contains organic fertilizers composition.

Water: Water the New Year sale combo plants only when the top inches of soil or growth medium dries.


Indoor Plants – All the plants in this category require 2-3 hours of sun light or any other source of light.

Outdoor Plants- All these plants require 6-8 hours of direct sun light.

Fertilizer: The application of organic fertilizer & Panjagaviya is recommended for all these plants in the combo.


About Our Online Plant Shopping


We Santhi online plants have 180+ plants online at the very lowest cost in India.We offer plants & organic products that are environment friendly sustainable & bio degradable in nature

To know about more details & offers kindly visit our website & get your favorite plants.



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