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Money Plant And Philodendron Combo - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Money Plant And Philodendron Combo

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Our Money plant & Philodendron Combo at a very reasonable cost. This combo sale ends soon. Money plants &philodendron varieties are like sibling plants. These 2 are varieties to promote more oxygen to the living environment.


List of plants in the Combo


1.Money plant *2
2.N’ Joy Money plant *2
3.Golden Money plant *2
4.Marble Money plant  *2
5.Big Leaf Money plant  *2
6.Philodendron oxycardium golden *2
7.Philodendron oxycardium green *2
8.Philodendron birkin Green *2
9.Philodendron birkin Pink  *2

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Money Plant And Philodendron Combo


Buy the best Money plant & philodendron combo from our Santhi online plant nursery website. Elevate your indoor space with our money plant & philodendron plant combo. Breathe fresh air with our combo beyond the beauty spending money for online plants is investing money for health & well-being.

Why to buy this combo

It is vital to maintain healthy indoor air quality since we spend so much time indoors.NASA’s Clean Air Study from 1989 revealed that some indoor plants can reduce indoor air pollutants, VOCs such as formaldehyde, xylene, toluene, etc.


Pothos & philodendron plants are fast-growing plants to decorate your indoors, low-maintenance air- purifiers. Placement of 2 varieties indoors explore more greenery.


The low maintenance required by money plants makes them the first choice for hotels, offices, and buildings. Pothos are known to be the devil’s plant because it is almost impossible to kill.


Care & Maintenance


Growth Medium: Well-aerated soil or coco peat potting mix or water 

Sunlight: In Medium bright light philodendron plant & money plant varieties grow well.

Watering: Application of water weekly thrice on alternate days. Remember not to keep the soil wet but to make the soil moist.

Propagation: Propagation done at fish tanks, bottles, or suitable spaces by nodal cuttings.

Plant placement: Done indoors as these 2 varieties are vastu plants placement can be done at northeast facing direction to bring good luck.


We Santhi Online plant shopping makes it easier to create a personalized living space by live green plant parents. With our plants online every home feels the touch of nature.

And you can create an environment that reflects your style and preferences by choosing plants online. For more plants kindly visit our website and make the Bharath green & clean.


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