Kitchen Garden Kit - Women's day Special - Santhi Online Plants Nursery
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Kitchen Garden Kit - Women's day Special - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Kitchen Garden Kit – Women’s day Special


Buy the kitchen garden kit & grow your vegetables in your kitchen garden. If your beginner or a kid gardener it will be the best choice for you. If you start kitchen gardening it becomes routine delightful hobby. This combo offer is especially for women as we offer this as a women’s day special combo. 



What is inside this Kitchen Garden Kit ??


  1. Grow bags – White – 16*16*30 (cm) – 5 Pcs 
  2. Vermicompost – 1 kg
  3. All-purpose organic pot mix – 2 kgs
  4. 3.5” self-draining pots ( Black & Brown ) – 2 pots
  5. Organic Seeds – Vegetable Seeds – Any 4 varieties – 10 grams each seed.


( It may be – Red onion, Knol-Khol, Cluster beans, Dolichos, Ash guard, Radish, Cucumber, & Pumpkin – Any 4 of these).


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      Kitchen Garden Kit – Women’s day Special


Buy Kitchen Garden Kit – Women’s Day special offer from our Santhi online plants nursery website. This Combo contains the most essential & easy growing vegetables for the home kitchen garden. This combo pack seeds are fast-germinating, organic, easy-to-maintain plants. You get a handful of vegetable yield once you sow the seeds. You can buy pots, and grow bags at different sizes from our online garden store.




Organic Vegetables: The home kitchen garden will be pest & disease-free.

Vermicompost: An organic fertilizer & soil toppings to plant.

All-purpose Organic pot mix: Suitable for all plants including kitchen garden plants.

This combo helps to save expenditure on the purchase of vegetables. Vegetables harvested from home gardens taste better than those purchased from the market.

Maintainance of the Kitchen boosts the energy physically & gives fresh air to our environment.




Sunlight: These plants require at least 4 hours of light.

Watering: Water the plants regularly, do not allow standing water on grow bags. 


About Us


We have 250+ plants online which include flower, creeper, hanging, herbal, hanging plants & many more. Hence we recommend buying plants and products online from us.

For more details, kindly check our website & get beautiful plants at your doorstep & make this women’s day special by starting a own garden.



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