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Green Mini Bamboo Plant - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Green Mini Bamboo Plant


Family: Poaceae

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Green Mini Bamboo Plant

Buy the Green Mini Bamboo Plant from Santhi online plant nursery website.  The plant is one of the most well-known plants, with some varieties reaching heights of over thirty metres and culms that can support more weight than steel! Bamboo is the world’s fastest-growing plant; the record holder is bamboo which grew 121 cm in just 24 hours! Bamboo plants are used as a windbreak, as well as for aesthetics and landscaping. Vitamins A, B1, B2, and C are abundant in bamboo shoots.

The Green Bamboo Plant is a feathery bamboo with canes that can reach a height of 12 to 16 feet. The weight of the bright green leaves will pull the canes down softly as they develop, giving them a slightly beautiful bending aspect. Canes that have been grown recently have a pale colour.


Bamboo is often a hardy, low-maintenance plant. The majority of your plant maintenance will consist of regular watering and feeding. You may need to water your container plant more than once a week to maintain the soil moisture bamboo prefers. However, for an indoor plant that does not experience dramatic environmental changes,

Green Bamboo thrives in the sun, but it can also thrive in partial shade and is hardy to 15°F. It can be grown in containers that can be moved inside during the winter and then returned to the outside as the weather warms up in the spring. Keep your bamboo near a bright window indoors, and rotate the pot once a week or so to ensure that all sides of the plant receive light.

Soil this plant may grow in a range of soil types, although it likes organically rich, well-drained soil. For container plants, a good commercial potting mix should be sufficient.

Feed your bamboo once a month with a balanced liquid fertilizer.


Bamboos are found in almost 1500 industrial products ranging from construction materials, food items, and musical instruments to paper pulp, fences, basketry, water pipes, kitchenware, bicycles, bridges, and low-rise housing.

The number of things that bamboo can be used for is virtually endless. We’re all aware of the obvious applications. It’s a lovely way to adorn your home. It’s a robust material for making canes and weapons. Bamboo chopsticks are probably what you’re used to from your favourite Asian restaurant. 


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