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Good Indoor Plants For Home - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Good Indoor Plants For Home


This combo plants are good indoor plants for home. These plants are categorized under tissue culture, ornamental, indoor & foliage plants.

1.List Of Plants in the Combo
2.Caladium ‘Stardust’
3.Alocasia Dragon Scale
4.Alocasia cuprea
5.Aglaonema Super White

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Good Indoor Plants For Home

Buy the Good Indoor Plants For Home from our Santhi online plant nursery website.This plants combo includes tissue culture caladium plant, alocasia varieties such as dragon scale & cuprea and aglaonema super white.

Propagation : Done by division of tubers (caladium), offsets (alocasia ) & stem cuttings (aglaonema)

Repotting: Done after 2 years of planting.Select good drainage pot & make the divisions as mentioned in propagation & use freesh soil or good potting mix while reptting.

Pruning: Prune the over matured leaves alone. Alocasia varieties & Aglaonema does not require pruning often.

Plant Care

Growth medium : Good coco peat potting mix or well-drained soil

Sunnlight: Indirect light and not to place the plants in direct sun light

Watering: Water the weekly once &  when the top soil or growth medium dry to touch.

Fertilizer : Application of well-decomposed manure or organic fertilizer in liquid form

Plant Placement : At indoor environment ( living rooms, hall, dining table & others). Avoid placing the plants in direct AC or heaters.


Low maintenanace indoor ornamental plants.

Tissue culture caladium plant is the pest & disease free plants.

Alocasia varieties fast growing plants with beautiful foliage.

Aglaonema white variety most beautiful ornamental plant.

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About Us:

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