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Globe Ceramic Blue Pot(Small) - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Globe Ceramic Blue Pot(Small)


These globe ceramic pots (small) are attractive, beautiful with fine texture and glazed. These pots are handmade ceramics.


  • USAGE               :  All Indoors, balcony, kitchen garden & table desktops, dining tables.
  • DIMENSION     : 8.5 * 8.2 cm(L*H)
  • FINISH TYPE   : Porcelain base
  • COLOR             :    BLUE
  • PLANT SUITABLE: Succulents, small ornamental plants, table rose plants, money plants and other indoor plants.

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Globe Ceramic Blue Pot(Small)

 Buy Globe Ceramic Blue Pot(Small) from our Santhi online plant nursery website. This blue ceramic pots are globe shaped (round mouthed) strong & neatly finished. You can buy these cheap ceramic pots from our online garden store and make your environment green & colorful. This hand made pot is does not contain any harmful chemicals. It is very safe to environment and plants.


  • This handmade ceramic pot is the eco-friendly product & colored by natural colors.
  •  Ceramic pots make an extraordinary way to beautify environment
  •  These pots provide good breathing & moisture to plants.
  •  It consists of good drainage holes are provided at the base.

And also, this globe ceramic indoor pots are popular & in high demand nowadays. You can purchase these ceramic pots online from us at an affordable cost. And beautify your environment with this eye cacthing pots. Plants can grow easily in this pots. Have a look on our website for good organic plants & products those are most essential for terrace gardening. Addition to this we suggest you that probably not to use chemical fertilizers and spoil the plants and soil.

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 We have 190+ plant products online. Our ceramic pots can make your gardening beautiful. We grow our plants using natural and organic methods which does not cause any harm to environment and we provide high-quality plants, sustainable products & small ceramic pots hence we recommend you buy plants online from us.

     Above all, we reliably say that we are the best online plant nursery. To buy any plants and products you can kindly visit our website and choose your favorite one.



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