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Fruit Plants Combo - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Fruit Plants Combo

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Fruit plants are best varieties for you kitchen garden & home garden. Plants in this combo are selected ones for all types of garden & additionally they are high yielding in short duration. Get the fruit plants oline from us.




List of plants in the combo



1.Lucknow -49 Guava  * 2

2. Arka Kiran Guava  * 2

3.Madras Thorn- Kodukkapuli * 2

4.Seedless Lemon * 2

5. Mini Guava  * 2

6.Mosambi- Sathukudi   * 2

7.Gooseberry- Arainelli  * 2


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Fruit Plants Combo


Buy the cost effective fruit plants combo from our Santhi online plants nursery website. These different types of fruit plants are evergreen perennials with high yielding fruits. Get nutritious fruits from your kitchen garden & get this exclusive combo plant.


Lucknow -49 Guava

Greenish yellow fruit with milky white pulp and a rough surface. In the inner pulp portion, there are a few relatively soft seeds. The shell is relatively thick. The average Yield is about 160 to 200 kg/plant.

Arka Kiran Guava

 It has an average fruit weight of 200-220g with medium soft seeds (9 kg/cm2) & it is a pink pulp variety. The fruits have a TSS of 11-120 brix and a lycopene content of 7.14 mg/100g.

Madras thorn – Kodukkapulli

Besides being a good source of vitamin C, Madras Thorn also contains calcium and phosphorus that help strengthen bone and teeth health. The higher amount of vitamin C helps to reduce cholesterol.

Seedless Lemon

This variety is perfect one for cooking & no seeds will be found.

Mini Guava

 In the spring, the tree produces white flowers that measure one inch in diameter. Fruits vary in taste from sour to sweet.

Mosambi- Sathukudi

 It has a round to oval shape and a slightly lumpy exterior, and measures approximately seven centimeters in diameter.

It boost your immune system, promote heart health, improve your digestion, lose weight, and feel healthier overall.

Gooseberry- Arainelli

 It is effective for treating rheumatism, bronchitis, asthma, respiratory disorders, hepatic disease, diabetes, and gonorrhea as well as oxidative stress related disorders.

About dispatch: These different types of fruit plants are grown in nana covers those bio-degradable & our plants online will be received at the right time.

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Hence, we recommend to buy plants online and get well rooted plants delivered right to your doorstep .Ultimately, we hope to be the best online plant nursery website. For more plants kindly visit our website & go green 


3 reviews for Fruit Plants Combo

  1. Swethapalani

    nice combo

  2. Swethapalani

    good packing

  3. Priyanga

    Awesome combo.Perfect fruit plants for home

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