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Dracaena Snake Plant Combo - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Dracaena Snake Plant Combo

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This is a combo of beautiful snake plant varieties online available at the most reasonable cost. Dracaena snake plants are zero-maintenance houseplants with excellent air-purifying properties.


Dracaena Snake plants with air-purifying property in this combo includes

Snake Plant Bental * 1
Snake Plant Trifasicata * 1
Snake Plant ‘Moonshine’ * 1
Snake Plant Golden Flame * 1
Snake Plant Superba * 1


Note: Plants are sold along with self-watering pots

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Dracaena Snake Plant Combo


Buy the Dracaena snake plant combo from our Santhi online plants nursery website. The snake plants originally belong to the dracaena family praised especially for the variegated appearance of leaves & edges. These dracaena plants are long-lived houseplants with zero maintenance. You can buy snake plants online from online plant shopping & make your environment lovely & attractive.



This combo contains the best snake plant online that pulls out all indoor pollutants & toxins from your home

It is one of the best vastu plants for home, office & other suitable environments.

The snake plants have the least maintenance with ornamental values.


Guide For Growing Dracaena Snake Plant Combo

Watering: Water the plant indoors or outdoors only when the top soil or growth medium completely dries.

Light Requirement: Snake plants require only indirect sunlight of about 2-3 hours. Bright sunlight may burn the leaves. Not to place the snake plants in direct sunlight for a long time. To keep your plants better place the plant in a warm spot, ideally above 10 degree Celsius.

Feed: Occasional fertilizer application of liquid organic fertilizer application results best.

Cleaning Leaves: Wipe the leaves weekly once with a wet soft cloth to remove the dust.

Repotting: Repot the dracaena plant during the spring season when the plants are found root-bound.


Santhi Online Plants

We Santhi Online Plants offer the best plants online at affordable cost. You can buy snake plants online from us. And arrange your environment good looking by our plants online.

For more details kindly visit our website www.santhionlineplants & get your environment fresh & purified by plants.


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