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Clerodendrum Inerme-Seaside Clerodendron Variegtaed - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Clerodendrum Inerme-Seaside Clerodendron Variegtaed

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Get the hardy versatile plant clerodendrons at the lowest cost. It is hard to find rare flowering plants. This plant has fragrant white flowers that make your garden feel fragrant. Get plant collections from us at a reasonable cost.

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Clerodendrum Inerme-Seaside Clerodendron variegated


Buy the Clerodendrum inerme – Seaside clerodendron variegated from our Santhi online plants nursery website. The clerodendrum plants are evergreen woody flowering plants. Flowers of clerodendrum plants are trumpet-shaped flowers has white petals 1.5–4 cm long and long reddish or purple stamens. Clusters of flowers three to seven of them are joined at the base of each clerodendrum plant. Fruits of Clerodendrum inerme – Seaside clerodendron variegated are round or egg-shaped with a length of 1 cm, turning black when it ripens. Get different flower plants from our online plant shopping & make your surroundings green.

About Plant

Common name: Seaside clerodendron Variegated

Family: Vebernaceae

Plant Category: Ornamental Shrub

Flowering Season: All-season flowering perennial plant.

Flower Fragrance: Fragrant flower

Plant Growth: Spreading.


Other Lanaguage Names

Tamil:  Peechangu

Malayalam:  Nirnochi

Telugu:   Erup-piccha

Kannada: Naitakkilay

Hindi: Chhoti-ari

Sanskrit:  Kundali


Plant Care For Clerodendrum inerme – Seaside clerodendron 

Soil: This flowering plant thrives well in a wide range of soil, from poor to fertile condition soil.

Water: Water this flowering plant when the top inches of soil are dry to the touch.

Fertilizer: Apply any home-based organic fertilizer monthly once around the plants.

Sunlight: Thrives well at direct sunlight of about 5-6 hours.


Advantages of clerodendrum Plant

  1. Perfect Hedge & border plant
  2. Best bonsai & topiary plant
  3. Good Screener plant
  4. Attracts bees & butterflies.


About Us

Our plant production is natural & eco-friendly and does not produce any harm to the environment. We have about 185+ varieties of plants online at affordable cost.

Furthermore, you can visit our website & get your favorite plants at your doorstep.


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    Received in healthly condition, nice packing

  2. Priyanga

    Happy for buy here.Received plants at right time.

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