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Cat's Claw-Dolichandra Unguis Cati - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Cat’s Claw-Dolichandra Unguis Cati


Purchase the oldest creeper plant cat’s claw plants at a reasonable cost. This plant is a perfect yellow ornamental flowering vine. Plant growth depends on the time of planting.


Specialty of this Creeper Plant: Vines have a cat’s claw-like structure. Those vines will stick to your hands when you touch them.

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Cat’s Claw-Dolichandra Unguis Cati


Buy the Cat’s Claw -Dolichandra Unguis Cati plants from our Santhi online plants nursery website. This cat claw plant is the clinging creeper plant, often rooting starts at the nodes. Flowers are yellow trumpet-shaped and bloom in all seasons & maximum blooming is found at the summer season. Dense foliage covers the mass area over the surface quickly. You can buy the oldest traditional plant varieties from our online garden store & get your home environment greenery.


Plant Details – Cat’s Claw -Dolichandra Unguis Cati


Common name: Cat’s Claw’s Vine

Scientific name:  Dolichandra unguis cati

Family: Bignoniaceae

Purpose: Medicinal plant, Ornamental creeper, live wall fence

Plant Height: 5 to 8 inches


Dolichandra unguis cati Benefits 

  1. Medicinal plant: This creeper plant has antioxidant & anti inflammatory, supports the immune system, & cures arthritis.
  2. Ornamental creeper: Best ornamental creeper & clinging climber plant.
  3. Climbing Live Fence: This plant is the best climbing live fence plant.


Plant Care for Cat’s Claw Creeper Plant


Sunlight: This cat claw plant requires at least 6-8 hours of natural direct sunlight.

Soil : It requires moist fertile well-drained soil of a wide range, and mature plant grows up to height 50 feet tall.

Watering: Water the plant only when the top inches of soil dries.

Manuring: The application of cow manure or goat manure around plants helps to increase the flower bloom.

Pruning: Required only to get proper shape.


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