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Barbados Cherry Plant - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Barbados Cherry Plant

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Get the fruitful plant Barbados cherry from us. The Barbados cherry plant is a vitamin C-rich fruit with more benefits. You will be rewarded with many years of delicious fruits if you plant the Barbados Cherry plant.

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Barbados Cherry Plant


Buy the Barbados cherry fruit plant from our Santhi online plants nursery website. This Cherry fruit plant perennial houseplant with high-yielding fruits. A thick, rounded canopy of fairly delicate foliage develops on Barbados cherries. Between April and October, small pink flowers appear, followed about one month later by bright red, tart-tasting, 1-inch fruits. You can purchase a variety of fruit plants from our online garden store & lead a healthy life eating nutrient fruits.

About Barbados Cherry Plant


Scientific Name :  Malpighia emarginata

Plant Type: Fruit-bearing plant

Fruit Yield /year:  A mature tree can produce about 47-50 kg/tree

Placement: Outdoor Plant

Cherry Plant Growing Tips

Soil: A rich, well-draining soil is ideal for growing Barbados Cherry. These cherry fruit trees prefer slightly acidic or neutral soil. Planting requires a lot of organic matter in the soil.

Watering: Water the Malpighia cherry plant thoroughly during 1 and 2 nd years after 3rd year no need to water the plants, it is drought drought-tolerant fruit plant.

Sun light: Most sun-loving plants. Barbados cherry needs direct sunlight of about 5-6 hours. It can also tolerate partial shade.

Fertilizer: Feed the malpighia fruit plants twice a year for about 1st two years and apply fertilizer yearly once after the 3rd year. Application of any organic fertilizer helps the plant to yield high.

Pruning: Give the tree the shape you want by pruning it after harvesting in the fall. Generally, trim the matured, yellow foliage.

Harvest: Barbados cherries are harvested at their ripest. However, gloves are recommended since the leaves and stems of young trees have fuzz that can be irritating to the skin.


1. The perfect fruit tree for a small yard. The red, tart Barbados cherry has one of the highest concentrations of Vitamin C in its 1″ size.

2. High-yielding fruit plant from the juvenile stage.

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