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Barbados Cherry Plant


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Buy Barbados Cherry Plant online from Santhi online plants nursery website.

A tropical fruit native to the Caribbean and South America, you will find Barbados cherries in abundance throughout the Bahamas and Bermuda. Also known as Acerola cherry or berry, this fruit grows on a large shrub or tree with a short trunk containing evergreen, slightly wavy leaves. Each tree produces up to 62 pounds of cherries that offer a sweet-to-tart flavour profile. The fruit itself grows into a wide shape when it’s ready for harvesting. Each cherry contains a bright red, thin skin, and comes packed with juice. You can eat them raw, but many do possess a tart flavour. You can cut the tartness by adding them as an ingredient in recipes. 

Low in calories and containing one of the highest concentrations of Vitamin C for any plant-derived fruit in the world, Barbados cherries offer a bounty of health benefits, including a rich dose of antioxidants, and the ability to combat obesity and ageing, and a reduction in skin pigmentation. 

Because of their intense red colouring, Barbados cherries often get used in jellies and jams; alcoholic beverages such as wine; desserts such as ice creams, pies, and popsicles; syrups; and sauces.


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