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Anthurium Castano Brown - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Anthurium Castano Brown

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Anthurium castano brown plant is a good indoor plant. It can live for 5 years and it grows up to 40 cm in height. Anthurium is most desirable in the floral world because of its unique shape (heart shape) and attractive colour      

  • COMMON NAME: Anthurium castano brown
  •  SCIENTIFIC NAME: Anthurium andreanum
  •  FAMILY: Araceae
  •  SOIL: Well-drained aerated soil
  •  ORIGIN: Colambia & Ecuador
  •  PLANT HEIGHT: 5 to 8 inches.

NOTE: The Anthurium plant is sold along with the pot.


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Anthurium Castano Brown

Buy the Anthurium castano brown plant from Santhi online plant nursery website. This Anthurium andraeanum is a monocotyledonous plant. Anthurium flower characteristic feature is an indoor ornamental plant with bright coloured spathe leaf. It’s also called Flamingo Lily or painters palette. Anthurium flower are said to be psuedoflowers

FERTILIZER: Application of organic fertilizer manure or compost. Apply banana peels to enhance the vegetative growth

PROPAGATION: Done through tissue culture or suckers

REPOTTING: After 4-6 months is ready to transplant

PRUNING: Prune dried, matured leaves alone.No need to over-prune the plants.


  • This plant is one of the most best croton plants which can help to purify the indoor air.
  • It produces oxygen and make a positive environment.

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  •  Castano brown plants doesn’t need soil. It grows and blooms better in coconut husk or wood powder.
  • Bright light is important to produce flowering.
  • It is far more tolerant of underwatering than overwatering, which is most one of the common reasons for an plant to die.
  • This has to be very well-draining soil
  • Add a handful of decomposed cow dung or vermicompost
  • A weekly spray of neem oil with sufficient water.

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