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All In One Combo - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

All In One Combo

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We offer a set of bulk plants in All in one combo at a reasonable cost. If you have an idea to start the garden, In this combo you will have great plants to start your terrace or kitchen garden. Each plant from every category has specific beneficial values.


All in One Combo Plants includes – 40 plants


1. Crotons: Chinese Hat Flower, Garden Croton, Aralia Green, Codiaeum Variegatum, Cordyline Inscripta, Cordyline Farichid, Croton Mammy Colourful Codiaeum, Bush clock Vine White, Ficus Big Leaf, Euphorbia variegated, Gold Dust Small leaf, Hamelia patens, Pedilanthus small leaf, Polyscias fruticosa, Sanchezia – (15 varieties)


2. Flower: Colour kagattan, Seaside clerdendron, Crape Jasmine Layered, Hibiscus Red Double Layered, Ixora Mini Dwarf Red, Nerium oleander Pink, Bread Flower – (7 varieties)


3. Fruit: Allahabad Safed, Taiwan pink , Arka Kiran Guava – (3 varieties)


4. Tree: Naval Jamun Fruit, Kasi Vilvam, Madras Thorn- (3 varieties)


5. Herbal: Coleus amboibicus, Adathodai, Long pepper – Thippili , Kesavardhini, Vettiver – (5  varieties)


6. Indoor: Money plant variegated, Caladium , N’ Joy Money plant, Philodendron oxycardium green, Marble Money Plant, Sansevieria Silver steel – (6 varieties)


7. Creeper: Bush Clock Laurifolia Blue – (1 variety)


Note : Single Plant will be delivered from above mentioned plants.Those plants are grown in nano covers with excellent rooting.

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All In One Combo


Buy the All in one Combo plants from our Santhi online plants nursery website. The All in one plant combo contains flowers, fruit plants, and many others with good values & most essential plants for our day-to-day life. The plants in this combo are evergreen perennial versatile ones. You can purchase the different plants online from our plant shopping website.


Benefits Of Combo Plants


This Combo plant has various categories of plants with low maintenance 

All categories of plants such as herbal plants, indoor plants, creeper, fruit, and flower plants are high-yielding ones both flower & fruits.

And its beginner-friendly plants so any age people can grow these plants.


Plant Care


Soil : Grows well in a wide range of soil but the soil needs to be rich in organic matter & a well-drained structure.

Water : Water the plants when the top inches of soil dry to touch, Try to keep the soil moist not in soggy condition.

Sun light : The all in one combo plants such as herbal plants, flower plants, creeper plants require direct sun light of about 4- 5 hours. Indirect sun light is required for indoor plants about 2-3 hours.

Feed: We recommend applying any organic fertilizer monthly once around these combo plants.

Pruning & Repotting: These two operations should be done whenever it’s necessary to practice.


About Us


We Santhi online plants have 200+ varieties that are grown in eco-friendly manner in bio-degradable nano covers & organic pot mix. We offer the best plants at your doorstep at affordable price.

And hence we recommend to buy plants & products from us. For more kindly visit our website & get plants at your doorstep.



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