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Aglaonema Commutatum-'white dust' Pot Plant - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Aglaonema Commutatum-‘white dust’ Pot Plant

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The Aglaonema Commutatum-‘white dust’ Pot Plant is the perfect houseplant with beautiful white foliage. This plant is categorized under ornamental, indoor & foliage plants.


COMMON NAME :  Aglaonema ‘White Dust’
SCIENTIFIC NAME :  Aglaonema commutatum
FAMILY : Araceae
GROWTH MEDIUM: Well-drained porous soil or coco peat potting mix
CONDITION : Between 70 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit


Note: This Aglaonema commutatum -White Dust plant is sold along with the self-drainage pot

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Aglaonema Commutatum-‘white dust’ Pot Plant


Buy the Aglaonema Commutatum-‘white dust’ Pot Plant from our Santhi online plant nursery website. These Aglaonema white dust plants are highly decorative ornamental foliage plants. Leaves are highly hybridized & produce deep white spots all around the leaves. Most Aglaonema plants are available with us you can buy from our online garden store & grow beautiful plants around you.     

Growth Rate: Moderate to slow-growing plants.

Propagation:  Propagated by stem cuttings.

Fertilizer: Application of any organic fertilizer in diluted form around the Aglaonema commutatum -white dust pot plant white dust plants.

Repotting: Transfer the plants to new wide-size pots when the plants are found to be root-bound.

Pruning: Remove the dried, matured leaves alone.


  • The Aglaonema commutatum -‘white dust’ pot plant is one of the best ornamental plants.
  • It is an air purifier that plants clean indoor pollutants and toxins.


  • For repotting select a wide-size pot with the drainage system.
  • Watering: Water the plants regularly by misting.
  • Sunlight: Requires only indirect sunlight.Placement at north-east facing windows. 
  • Plant Placement: At Indoors.


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  1. Priyanga

    Most beautiful Aglaonema plant.Thanks to Santhi online plants!

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