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Aglaonema Black Lance - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Aglaonema Black Lance

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Buy the lovely, sword-shaped Aglaonema black lance with silver stripes at a reasonable price. We offer a variety of aglaonemas on our plant shopping website. You can purchase your favorite one from us.



Key Feature of The Plant: Air-purifier, Best indoors and ornamental plant.

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Aglaonema Black Lance


Buy the Aglaonema Black lance plants from our Santhi online plants nursery website. These aglaonemas are considered lucky plants for home. The Aglaonema black lance purifies the air by absorbing dust & releasing oxygen into the environment. You can buy live plants from us as we are the best site to buy plants online India.


Benefits of Aglaonema Black Lance


  • Air purifying plants
  • Ornamental houseplant
  • Lucky plants for home & 
  • It’s a rare species.


Key Requirement for Plant Growth


Soil: This lucky plant Aglaonema thrives best in well-aerated soil or growth medium.

Temperature: It grows well at an optimum temperature range of about 21-29 degree Celsius.

Plant Placement: According to Vastu placement of Aglaonema in the south-east direction brings luck to home as its lucky plant.

Watering: Follow the finger dip rule, only when the top inches of soil or coco peat dries.

Sunlight: This suits all Aglaonema plants. Place the where it receives indirect sun light.

Manuring: The application of cow manure monthly once around these air purifying plants results best.


About Us


We Offer plants online & organic products at a reasonable cost. Our plants are grown in bio-degradable nano covers & thrive best in all environments. Hence, we recommend you buy plants & products at your doorstep from us.We proudly say that we are the best site to buy plants online India.

And we kindly recommend you to buy live plants from us. For more details kindly visit our website & choose your favorite plant from us.



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