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Adenium Red Beauty - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Adenium Red Beauty

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The Adenium Red Beauty is the most beautiful houseplant with gorgeous red flowers. This plant is categorized under succulent, flower & bonsai

  • COMMON NAME:  Adenium Red Beauty
  • SCIENTIFIC NAME: Adenium obesum
  • FAMILY: Apocynaceae
  • GROWTH MEDIUM: Loose draining soil & also coco peat, rice husk
  • PLANT HEIGHT: 1 or 2 feet.


Note: This Adenium Red Beauty plant is sold along with the pot.

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Adenium Red Beauty


Buy the Adenium Red Beauty plant from Santhi online plant nursery website. These adenium plant bonsai have beautiful red flowers. This red beauty adenium plants are evergreen deciduous drought-tolerant succulent plants. You can adenium bonsai near your location or online but we provide you with the best-matured bonsai plants.

NUMBER OF PETALS:  Multiple Layered in double shades.

FLOWER DESCRIPTION:  Red beauty flowers are multi-petaled with good flower yield. 

PROPAGATION: These Adenium Plants online are propagated through Stem cuttings & graftings.

FERTILIZER: Application of bone meal 2 months once in diluted form help the plants to grow faster.

REPOTTING: Repot the adenium bonsai plant one year after planting. Once you receive our adenium online plant do not need to repot the plants.

PRUNING: Regularly remove the dried flowers and any rotten portions.


  • These red beauty adenium plants have contrasting flowers.
  • The bonsai adenium plants are good wealth bringing vastu plants.


  • This Adenium online plant requires a well-drainage strong pot 
  • Water the bonsai plants only in summer 3 days once a week.
  • Sunlight: Needs direct sunlight for 6-8 hours
  • Additionally, leave the plant without any maintenance during your leave days.

Other Related Combo: Adenium Red Multi-Layered.


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    Adenium Cream Pink plants attract to other, look like a nice plants

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