Adenium Desert Rose Pot Plant (Any Color) - Santhi Online Plants Nursery
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Adenium Desert Rose Pot Plant (Any Color) - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Adenium Desert Rose Pot Plant (Any Color)

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The Adenium Desert Rose pot plant ( Any Color) is a perfect houseplant with attractive & bright-colored flowers. This plant is categorized under crotons, flowering & bonsai plants.


  • COMMON NAME:  Desert Rose
  • SCIENTIFIC NAME: Adenium obesum
  • FAMILY: Apocynaceae
  • SOIL: Garden Soil with organic manure
  • ORIGIN:  Africa
  • PLANT HEIGHT: 1 or 2 feet



Note: This Adenium Desert Rose plant is sold along with the pot. Pots are randomly selected. Pot color may vary which you receive.

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Adenium Desert Rose Pot Plant (Any Color)


Buy the Adenium Desert Rose pot plant (Any Color) from Santhi online plant nursery website. This Adenium obesum plant is a perennial succulent with attractive flowers. Adenium flower looks eye-catching in striking colors & some varieties are bicolored with petals. The Adenium plant flower blooming will be major during the summer & spring seasons.

FERTILIZER: The application of Steamed bone meal in diluted form for two months once helps to grow the adenium plant faster.

PROPAGATION: Majorly Adenium flower plants propagated through Seeds & Graftings.

PLACEMENT: Grows best in outdoors & occasionally this plant survives well at indoors also.

REPOTTING: The adenium obesum plants need to be repotted when the plant grows overcrowded or any cracks are found on the pots or containers.

PRUNING: Trim the long shoots & cut above the leaf nodes to get a compact structure.


  • Adenium plants best ornamental bonsai plants.
  • These desert rose succulent plants are the best vastu plants that bring wealth & prosperity to the home.
  • This bonsai plant purifies the surrounding air & maintains moisture.


  • This adenium obseum requires wide size pot or container with good drainage. Preferably ceramic pots, good or heavy clay pots.
  • Water the plants three times per week on alternate days, especially in summer.
  • Sunlight: This succulent plant loves to grow in direct sunlight.

Precaution: Keep the plants away the Children & Pet Animals as the milky sap are poisonous


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