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7 Colors Anthurium Rainbow Combo - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

7 Colors Anthurium Rainbow Combo

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Get the 7 color Anthurium Rainbow combo plants at an affordable price. Anthurium plants most popular ornamental houseplants. This comes under flower plants, good indoor plants & also foliage plants.


Plants in the Combo are


1. Castano Brown
2. Flame Red
3. Lima White
4. Mauritius Red
5. Red Dragon
6. Verdun Red
7. Saffron Green

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7 Colors Anthurium Rainbow Combo


Purchase the 7 colors of Anthurium Rainbow combo plants from our Santhi online plant nursery website. The flower colors of this combo have vibrant colors that bloom all around the year. All the plants in the combo are anthurium andraeanum have dark-colored glossy leaves. Modified portion leaves are called flowers. The presence of flower colors makes your indoor look attractive. You can buy a variety of anthurium plants from our online plant store & grow beautiful ones around you.

Climate Required: Tropical warmer Climate of about 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Pruning: The anthurium andraeanum plants need regular trimming once you feel the plant seems to be congested in growth.

Repotting: Yearly once repotting is done for these rainbow colors of anthurium plants.

Plant Care

Place the anthurium rainbow colors flower plants in perfect indoor places such as office desktops, tabletops, bedrooms & other related with north-east facing environments.

Sunlight: Requires only minimum direct sunlight with good shade or indirect sunlight of about 3-4 hours.

Watering: To get vibrant colors water the plants 4-5 days once.Not to over water or stagnant watering leads to root rot.

Fertilizer: Application of any nitrogen-based organic fertilizer such as Bio-NPK OR Groundnut cake powder monthly once around the different flower colors of Anthurium plants.


  • Anthurium Plants are NASA-approved air purifier indoor plants.
  • And it is fast fast-growing ornamental plant.


Avoid placing plants in AC rooms

Keep the plants away from pet animals & children.

Not to ingest the leaves are they poisonous.


We have 185+ plants online that are healthy live plants. We produce our plants through natural and organic methods and we provide live plants and sustainable products, we recommend you purchase affordable live healthy plants from us.

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4 reviews for 7 Colors Anthurium Rainbow Combo

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    Received good plants

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    Nice collections 🤩….

  3. Prabakaran R

    Nice collections 🤩…. waiting for my plants

  4. vikraman

    My new favorite plant, delightful surprise

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