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35 Plants Pedilanthus Combo - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

35 Plants Pedilanthus Combo

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Get the bulk Zig Zag plants pedilanthus tithymaloides from us. This succulent has Zig Zag growth, the perfect one for gifting, & excellent hedge plant for all types of gardens.Grab the offer soon.



Feature of this Combo: Bulk Pedilanthus Plants @ lowest cost.

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35 Plants Pedilanthus Combo


Buy the 35 plants Pedilanthus combo from our Santhi Online Plants Nursery website. This Zig Zag Plant species Pedilanthus Tithymaloides Green is also known as “Devil’s Backbone” or “Redbird Cactus.” This type of plant has green leaves and red stems. Succulent shrubs native to Mexico and Central America are often grown for their ornamental value as houseplants or in gardens. Green-leaved Pedilanthus Tithymaloides requires minimal care and is relatively pest and disease-resistant. You can buy succulent plants online from our online plant shopping website.




1. Attractive green leaves and red-tinted stems make the plant a desirable indoor or outdoor addition.

2. A low-maintenance succulent, Pedilanthus Tithymaloides Green can survive in a wide range of growing conditions and requires minimal care.

3. The Pedilanthus zig zag plant removes harmful pollutants and releases oxygen into the air like many other plants.

4. Pest and disease resistance – This plant requires little maintenance, making it an ideal choice for gardeners.

5. Pedilanthus Tithymaloides Green is a compact and attractive plant that is popular for rock gardens, groundcover, or pots.


Plant Care & Maintenance


Soil: This 35 plants Pedilanthus combo requires well-drained soil or coco peat potting mix.

Light: Indirect sunlight is best for the houseplant. Give it a little protection from hot rays in spring and summer by planting it in direct sun during fall and winter.

Water: This pedilanthus succulent plant online requires only a little watering not to make the soil soggy.

Plant Tip: During the dormant seasons of fall and winter, the Devil’s Backbone houseplant does not require feeding.


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